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A healthy gut could help your body with a strong immune system, healthy brain, heart, and digestive system, but when your gut is not in a decent condition, you may face issues related to these daily.

The mother of a concerned child understood the same, and she shared her mother’s problem and several steps she took to help her mother. In this ProbioSlim review, you will be able to learn more about her mother’s consumption experience and if she could benefit from consuming ProbioSlim.

Additionally, I have included some of the pointers related to this probiotic so that you can understand more about this dietary supplement.

What Is ProbioSlim?

ProbioSlim ReviewProbioSlim is manufactured by Forcefactor, which claims to be formulated as a digestive support and weight management product that could replenish gut bacteria and aid in weight loss.

According to the official website, ProbioSlim is a novel approach to probiotics that could support healthy living and may assist in managing weight. As per the makers, ProbioSlim has a precise combination of ground-breaking ingredients that may help reduce occasional diarrhea, constipation, gas, and bloating symptoms.

In addition, ProbioSlim may also encourage the development of beneficial flora, which the makers believe could help slow the spread of harmful germs.

As per the official website details, along with probiotics, ProbioSlim is also combined with a potent green tea leaf complex which may try to aid in weight loss.

The creators of ProbioSlim further claim that it is a premium formulation since it contains Bacillus Coagulans, which may withstand the stomach environment and enhance absorption. According to Medline Plus, Bacillus is also used for constipation, IBS, and other stomach-related issues and hence, it is one of the better ingredients that could help your stomach and its functionality.

How Does ProbioSlim Work?

ProbioSlim claims to include a premium blend that combines effective probiotic strains with cutting-edge weight-management components.

According to the manufacturers, the Probioslim formula may start working to help burn fat and promote weight loss.

The makers have added a probiotic blend Lactospore, which could replenish good bacteria and may also try to treat occasional diarrhea, gas, bloating, and constipation.

Besides the probiotic blend, the manufacturers have added EGCG green tea extract. This extract is known for many health benefits, like aiding in weight loss, improving heart health, and may also reduce inflammation.

As per the official website, ProbioSlim also has a combination of prebiotic superfoods like kiwi and papaya, which may try to provide energy to the probiotics in Lactospore. The manufacturers claim that ProbioSlim may relieve bloating and gas while improving energy and vitality, including caffeine.

Caffeine in ProbioSlim, as stated by the makers, is also included as it may help regulate appetite while assisting in weight loss and dealing with fatigue caused by dieting.

Ingredients Present In ProbioSlim

Whole Health Superblend

The makers have included the following ingredients in the ProbioSlim blend that might aid in improving digestion and may also help in weight management-

  • Lactospore Bacillus Coagulans: It may improve bowel functioning and help deal with gas, bloating, and constipation. It may promote beneficial flora.
  • 45 % EGCG From Green Tea Extract: It may increase resting fat oxidation, but the effect may be inconsistent, though more research is needed.
  • 50% Caffeine From Green Tea Extract: It may boost metabolic rate and fat burning, but it could become a tad tolerant and lose effectiveness. It may reduce BMI, weight, and fat levels.
  • Kiwi Extract: It may increase fecal bulking and may enhance gastrointestinal function.
  • Fig Extract: It may provide fiber, and figs are also a good source of potassium and calcium.
  • Papaya Extract: May be used as a natural remedy for digestion problems and help maintain the passage of the digestive tract philosophy. It is also one of the foods that help in digestion.
  • Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide.

Why ProbioSlim?

My mother loves all things sweet with a deep passion. She also enjoys savory foods but has a special place in her heart for sweet treats like cheesecakes and apple tarts.

Her doctor has warned her not to succumb to temptation, but she won’t budge. Her occasional digestive issues were a result of this habit.

However, she considered herself one of the people who lived by the motto Carpe Diem. She planned vacations, and we would discover new places and try different food varieties.

Over time, she gained some weight and experienced bloating after meals which could trouble her sleep and hinder her from completing her daily chores.

As a result, she would occasionally binge even after experiencing bloating issues, which worsened the situation. Due to her haphazard eating habits, these issues became normal every day. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I decided to include high-fiber foods in her meals to keep her full for a long time so she wouldn’t crave sweets. Though it helped initially, and she changed a bit, old habits die hard. Thus, she returned to eating churros and marshmallows after a few weeks.

I added fermented drinks like buttermilk and kombucha to her diet, which could help her with bloating and gas. But it provided a mild relief only as she was never consistent with it.

Thus, I thought to improve his condition, I should try to look for other options and switch over to the Internet.

While looking for some options, I bumped into ProbioSlim. I was impressed by reading their simple ingredient profile and usage convenience. Thus, looking at the natural ingredient formulation, I ordered ProbioSlim for my mom to make her try it for a month.

ProbioSlim Journey

My mom’s bloating condition bothered me, so I bought ProbioSlim for her and convinced her to try it for some time. Little did I know it would be one of the worst decisions of my life, especially when I made my mom try something based on my decision.

My mom felt great the first few days she started her journey with ProbioSlim. She could feel better energy levels; later on, she was very disappointed by the product. ProbioSlim did not work for her digestion problem, and she would experience house and hours of stomach aches after she started her consumption.

Moreover, it did not work with her hunger cravings as she continued craving sweets, even after she started her ProbioSlim consumption. ProbioSlim never worked for my mom’s weight problem. It did not assist in reducing weight like how its makers have promised that it would.

She would always feel bloated after a meal for which I purchased ProbioSlim, but it was nothing more than a hyped product. One day while we were getting ready for an event, my mom started experiencing jitters and shakiness and felt itching all over her body.

We rushed her to the nearby doctor’s clinic, where the doctor asked about her routine and other required details before performing some tests. He also asked if my mom was on any medications. Then I told him that she was consuming nothing other than ProbioSlim.

The doctor told me it might have been due to ProbioSlim containing caffeine. As the amount of caffeine is unknown as to how much the makers have included in ProbioSlim, it cannot be said whether it is more or is in fewer quantities.

He also told us that ProbioSlim contained a few ingredients, which made her allergic, and she felt itching all over her body. He advised my mom to discontinue her ProbioSlim consumption and that the issues would disappear in a few days upon withdrawing its consumption.

Side Effects Of ProbioSlim

The following were the side effects experienced by my mother-

  • Bloating
    One of the initial side effects my mother encountered was the occasional feeling of bloating following meals, which ProbioSlim did nothing to alleviate.
  • Increased Heart Rate
    My mother’s palpitations were yet another adverse impact. She began feeling jittery after using PrbioSlim for a few days, and she also felt exhausted and low on energy throughout the day.
  • Itching
    Despite being created from purely natural ingredients, ProbioSlim had some substances that made her whole body itch. This scared her, and she started to itch nonstop.

How To Take ProbioSlim?

The suggested dosage of ProbioSlim is to take one capsule daily with breakfast and another with lunch, according to the official website.

ProbioSlim Alternative

It took a few days for my mom to recover from the damage done by ProbioSlim. It made her feel energetic at first, but it did not aid her in weight management, nor did it work to improve her digestion problems.

She began taking early-morning walks. As a result, she gradually attempted to take charge of her life. We would have a terrific time walking together in the morning.

Her doctor made her understand how essential it was to maintain good gut health, which is the basis of a healthy body. He devised a meal plan for her, including fermented food and drinks like yogurt and buttermilk, which could ease her digestion and reduce her bloating.

He further suggested that she try Gut+ by ProBiology along with her healthy diet and morning workout routine, which could improve her gut health. Her doctor claimed that Gut+ by ProBiology could improve the immune system and help curb appetite if paired with a healthy routine.

Thus, she finally decided to try Gut+ by ProBiology after her doctor explained the natural formulation and different health benefits that could be attained from it.

She has switched to a low-carb diet and has cut out sweet foods like marshmallows and donuts, and she feels better overall. Gut+ is still serving my mother well as I write this. She has been using it for over two months and says that she has been able to control her cravings and has not felt bloated or gassy.

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Final Takeaway On ProbioSlim Review

ProbioSlim was an entirely disappointing product. At first, I thought it might help my mother, but it was useless to her.

The doctor’s advice is to follow a net diet plan and exercise. The inclusion of Gut+ by ProBiology has effectively curbed her hunger pangs and improved her overall functionality.

I wish I had known about this one sooner to protect my mom from the pain and itching she suffered because of ProbioSlim. Now she has decided to take ProBiology Gut+ regularly so that she would be able to achieve even better results with its regular consumption.


  • The information given in this review is general and should not be considered medical advice or a substitute for obtaining medical advice.
  • Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking professional medical treatment because of what you read or accessed through this review.
  • The results are personal and may vary from individual to individual.
  • Please consult your doctor if you have underlying medical conditions or are on any prescribed medicines before using any product.

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