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Menopause is a natural process. However, it could be painful for someone and a piece of cake for others. But if you are dealing with adverse menopausal symptoms, you must listen to your body and help yourself by following home remedies initially. Next, however, you should contact the nearest health professional if your symptoms do not subside.

In this Provitalize Review, a young girl shared about her aunt’s menopausal phase, in which her aunt was struggling with several health concerns, including weight loss.

She explained her aunt’s journey well and how she came across Provitalize. The girl also mentioned the actual result of her aunt’s consumption experience in the latter part of the review.

I tried to maintain the authenticity of the review. Therefore, I have also noted the essential aspects of Provitalize that might help you better understand this product.

What Is Provitalize?

Provitalize ReviewAccording to the official website, Provitalize is manufactured with a blend of unique ingredients beneficial for the body’s healthy functioning. In addition, the makers mention that these natural ingredients regulate hormonal fluctuation, which controls symptoms of menopause like weight gain.

Moreover, the brand states that the menopausal transition may also bring on sudden hot flashes and bloating issues in your body, which might be discomforting and challenging to deal with it.

However, it claims that Provitalize works well in reducing these symptoms with the help of turmeric and moringa leaves. They say these ingredients lower warming effects and support healthy weight management.

The company introduces its probiotic formula, which includes good bacteria strains that facilitate gut balance and improve your fat-burning process. A study also shows that gut microbial activities effectively influence weight loss. In addition, the official website mentions that this product encourages the production of natural energy in the body without the help of stimulants and caffeine.

As the makers affirm, thermogenic strains promote metabolism in the body, eventually maintaining better energy levels. Thus, the creators of Provitalize assert that for the product’s better functioning, they rely on its natural ingredients.

How Does It Work?

As per the makers, the natural herbs present in this product help improve your metabolic activities for weight loss.

They state that moringa leaf extract included in this substance has chlorogenic acid that induces fat metabolism and reduces fat absorption, which aids in maintaining your healthy body weight.

The official website mentions that Provitalize Thermogenic Probiotics also promote weight loss by facilitating the breakdown of fat in the gut. In addition, it claims that L. Gasseri targets abdominal adiposity, and thus, it could be beneficial for reducing weight gain as a symptom of menopause.

Further, the brand added the Bioperine presence in this product could work on cutting sugar cravings by facilitating nutrient absorption in the body.

As per the makers, this ingredient could also ease joint pain with the help of its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the formulators of Provitalize mention that its delayed-release vegetarian capsules also support the substance’s better functioning.

They mention DR Capsules safely get released in your gut and help prevent ingredients like sensitive strains of probiotics from stomach acid.

Hence, the makers affirm that this vegan and GMP-certified product could be reliable for weight loss and improving your overall health.

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 Ingredients Of Provitalize

The manufacturers of Provitalize have mentioned that the product has different natural ingredients, including a probiotic blend. You can read about the ingredients from the following information.

Probiotic Blend

This blend consists of good bacteria, which are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. B. Breve, in this combination, is a type of probiotic that may be useful for reducing body fat. The official website mentions that it has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and help improve metabolism for fat loss. In addition, the makers state that these probiotic strains also have thermogenic properties that help in weight loss but also aid in controlling high cholesterol levels.

Turmeric Root Blend

Turmeric Root Blend is an active ingredient of this product, as it contains curcumin which might support your heart health with the help of its anti-inflammatory properties. According to the official, reducing inflammation also promotes easing joint pain, bloating issues, and other symptoms of menopause.

Moringa Leaf

This natural leaf extract is also included in the composition of Provitalize. Moringa is native to north India and is highly nutritious, containing essential vitamins and minerals. In addition, Moringa Leafs has chlorogenic acid that might help you control your high blood sugar levels.

Curry Leaf

Curry Leaf contains powerful antioxidants that may help reduce free radical damage on cells and also may aid in lowering high-risk diseases like heart diseases. In addition, the official website of Provitalize mentions that it could also minimize indigestion problems as it helps stimulate digestive enzymes with laxative properties, which might aid in improving your digestive health.


The official website refers to this ingredient as a natural emulsifier because it could help enhance nutrient absorption in the body. Thus, Lecithin may support the stimulation of energy in the body.

Black Pepper Fruit Extract

Bioperine, the patented form of piperine, is included in this substance. The brand claims that this also works on improving nutrient absorption with the help of curcumin presence. In addition, this ingredient could also reduce inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory properties.


Why Was Provitalize Chosen?

My aunt was in her late 50s when her menopausal transition began. However, at that time, she was busy with her pottery classes.

A few months ago, her children shifted to California because of their studies and new job opportunities, so after that, my aunt started getting more spare time for her. Therefore, she decided to utilize that time to focus on her hobbies, which she had been delaying for so long.

When my aunt joined that classes, she initially enjoyed learning new skills. At that time, she was also actively working on gardening activities to stay fit and healthy. It was going well, but after some time during her menopause, she started having fatigue issues.

My aunt used to go to the classes. However, she was less responsive, as along with fatigue, she started experiencing other symptoms of menopause, like hot flashes and bloating issues.

These symptoms affected her entire lifestyle, and my aunt could not focus on gardening and other house chores. She thought her health would improve with time, but rather than improving, she started facing weight gain issues, frequent hot flashes, and other menopausal symptoms.

Unfortunately, because of these increased health problems, my aunt left her classes and started focusing on reducing her health concerns. While searching for some remedies for reducing these symptoms online, she came across Provitalize. So, my aunt went to the official website and began researching this product.

The product’s all-natural ingredients were quite attractive to her. Therefore, at that time, she thought this substance might work for her health, and accordingly, afterward, she placed an order for Provitalize.

Consumption Experience With Provitalize

My aunt was keen to use the product, and she was also hoping for better results from it. Therefore, she began maintaining the proper consumption of Provitalize from day one. When my aunt started the dosage, her health had no significant changes.

However, gradually she started experiencing changes in her energy levels, her fatigue was reducing, and with the help of it, she was also managing well her house chores. At that time, my aunt was quite satisfied with the product usage because her bloating issue also started reducing.

She thought that she could get rid of all the symptoms of menopause with the support of this product. However, slowly with the consistent usage of Provitalize, she started feeling nauseous.

At first, my aunt thought it might be because her body was adapting to new changes. But rather than improving, her health condition started getting deteriorating. Not only was she feeling nauseous more often, but she was also dealing with fatigue issues as this substance was ineffective in providing support with sustainable energy levels.

My aunt was quite worried about her health as her menopausal symptoms were not reducing, and her headaches slowly increased. At that time, she was confused about this product’s further usage, and therefore, eventually, she left consumption of Provitalize.

Side Effects Of Provitalize

My aunt experienced the following side effects while she regularly consumed Provitalize.


My aunt was consuming the proper dosage of Provitalize. However, after some time, she started feeling nauseous after regularly consuming this product.


Initially, she was satisfied with the product as her energy gradually increased, and she could fight off fatigue with its help. But eventually, this substance started showing no significant effects on her energy levels, and she again had to deal with fatigue issues.


After a few days of consumption, my aunt started having dizziness, and she could not focus on her work. Even she also started getting headaches more often. At that time, she decided to discontinue this product’s usage.


Dosage Of Provitalize

According to the official website, there are 60 capsules of Provitalize in one container. It recommends consuming two capsules regularly with or without food. My aunt also followed the exact dosage she used to consume with her morning breakfast. However, after getting side effects from this product, she left the dosage of Provitalize.

Provitalize Alternative

My aunt was concerned about her health, and she wanted to improve. Therefore, she thought of trying natural health remedies.

She read about ginger usage for reducing nausea, so my aunt started consuming ginger by adding it to her morning tea. On the other hand, to improve her energy levels, she began focusing on oatmeal and increased her protein per day intake.

Gradually with healthy food consumption, her few health problems were reduced. However, my aunt struggled with hot flashes and weight loss. When I learned about her health condition, I was surprised to know about it, even though I was too worried for her.

I wanted to help my aunt so that she could overcome these health problems as slowly her menopausal phase was getting difficult. While digging the internet for some remedies for her, I came across Leanbean. I checked its official website and also learned about its natural ingredients.

I was impressed with the product. However, I decided to go through its review thoroughly. When I got convinced about Leanbean, I suggested it to my aunt. She was utterly uncertain about using this substance because of her prior experience.

But after researching about the same, she thought to try out this product. Initially, when my aunt was using this product, she had no significant changes to her health.

However, gradually with the proper consumption, this product started supporting her sustainable energy levels. As a result, this time, she could manage her house chores, and my aunt could also rejoin her pottery classes.

After a few months of Leanbean usage, her hot flashes were reduced; even this product helped her significantly reduce her body weight.

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Final Thought

After the usage of Provitalize, my aunt lost all hope for improvement, as she was not only dealing with menopause symptoms but also with the side effects of this product. However, my aunt is glad that I suggest Leanbean to her.

This substance supported her immensely in improving her overall health, her menopausal symptoms were reduced, and now she is actively living her life with the help of Leanbean and her healthy regime.

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