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Performance Lab Mind

Workohlic and undergoing a lot of stress, a brother tries this nootropic for the first time and shares his first-hand user experience in this exclusive Performance Lab Mind review.

He talks about how bad his hectic life had gotten which was impacting his day-to-day life, but with some unique changes in his, things turned in his favor.

If you are here, chances are you or your close one is dealing with similar issues. Stay till the very end and you

What Is Performance Lab Mind?

As per the official website, Performance Lab is claimed to be a stim-free brain formula that is designed to enhance your cognitive performance after intense mental exertion.

They have claimed that Performance Lab Mind could help you reduce the resistance in the brain to boost your brain health, energy, and power.

According to the official website, this product could support increasing the focus, attention, speed, and memorizing abilities of your brain while promoting the overall health of your brain.

It further states that Mind uses a potent formula to nourish your brain, which might help with a quick and healthy recovery of your brain. It may also help your brain perform at its full potential, even under pressure.

The makers affirm that the Mind could ensure a smooth flow of blood to the brain that might supply enough oxygen, glucose, and nutrients to the brain for better performance.

According to the makers, the Performance Lab’s Mind may have the ability to support flexible, fluid, and healthy neural structures in your body that have been linked to memory and learning.

The official website of Mind mentions that the product has been prepared with tested ingredients in a GMP-certified facility. The product does not contain caffeine, synthetic additives, or gluten, and is suitable for vegans.

How Does Performance Lab Mind Work?

The makers of Performance Lab Mind say that if you feel that your brain has burned out from stress, their product could help you recover from that immense mental pressure.

As per the makers, Mind consists of ingredients that have been formulated with various nutrition technologies that might make these ingredients more potent, powerful, and effective.

These ingredients could assist your brain in improving its mental health and cognitive performance to allow you to perform under mental pressure, as stated on the official website of Mind.

This nootropic supplement, as claimed by its maker, consists of Maritime Pine Bark Extract (Pinus pinaster), which could work by improving blood flow, preventing infection, and also stimulating the immune system.

They add that with a reduction in stress levels, your brain may have the ability to perform in its full range. This may also enhance the memory and learning abilities of your brain.

As per the official website, Mind has been prepared with plant-based ingredients that are naturally prebiotic infused which could help in proper digestion and better absorption of nutrients in your body.


Ingredients In Performance Lab Mind

As mentioned above, Performance Lab Mind uses nutrition technology to infuse its product with highly potent ingredients that are non-toxic and vegan-friendly.

Let us take a look at all the ingredients in Mind and learn how they work-

  • Cognizin® Citicoline

    Cognizin citicoline in Performance Lab Mind could enhance the cognitive and neurogenerative effects in your brain as well as work on increasing your focus, attention, and overall brain health.
    A study has also shown that citicoline has the potential to treat patients suffering from chronic cerebrovascular disorders or memory issues.

  • Sharp-PS® Green

    Sharp-PS Green in Performance Lab Mind is a soy-free extract of phosphatidylserine that might help boost memory, attention, and language skills in people with declining thinking abilities.
    As suggested in this research, it may also improve cognitive impairment and may have a positive effect on their memorizing ability.

  • Ajipure® L-Tyrosine

    Ajipure L-tyrosine in Performance Lab Mind is an amino acid that may work as a precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine, which might improve the cognitive functions in your brain.
    This may also help in fighting against the stress generated by the cognitive decline in the body while improving your focus, alertness, and attention.

  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract

    Maritime pine bark extract in Performance Lab Mind consists of Pycnogenol which is a rich source of antioxidants and neuroprotectors.
    As per the study, this might help in preventing the mild effects of cognitive decline in your brain and is also beneficial in reducing brain plaque and boosting spatial memory in Alzheimer’s patients.

How Did I Come To Know About Performance Lab Mind?

My brother has been under a lot of stress since he got promoted. He was not getting enough sleep due to working late at night and then waking up early.

Not just his sleep but also compromised his food intake. He often missed his meals and then substituted them with something unhealthy.

He was gradually gaining weight, and to top it all off, there was a dramatic spike in his blood sugar and blood pressure levels. I knew that if this wasn’t controlled quickly, he might end up in the hospital soon.

During a dinner party, I asked him to schedule his routine and perform some basic exercises or practice meditation to calm his mind. He told me that he had no time for all this.

I was desperate to help him, so I began looking for programs that might help him with stress and time management. I also talked to a friend who told me about Mind by Performance Lab.

He said that it’s a nootropic that might help my brother lower his stress levels and think sharply, as it could enhance his cognitive functions and brain performance.

My friend also consumed this product and narrated his experience, saying that it helped him increase his focus and attentiveness, and sharpen his memory.

He told me he used to get zoned out after working heavily and trying to meet his deadlines, but with Mind, he aced his brain’s performance and could then perform better under tough situations.

According to him, he was able to manage his work and home better. He mentioned that he understood how worried I was for my brother and how important it is to take care of our bodies, both physically and mentally.

He then shared the contact information of his counselor, who could help my brother with his stress and time management. I thanked him for his help and called the counselor to book an appointment.

Personal Experience With Performance Lab Mind

I reached home, logged on to the official website of Performance Lab Mind, read everything about the product and its workings, and also came across several testimonials of happy users of Mind.

My friend assured me that the product was efficient and caused no side effects, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t giving the wrong product to my brother.

When my brother received his shipment, he called me, and I requested that he consume the product. He agreed to try it for me and began his consumption of Performance Lab Mind.

After a few weeks, my brother noticed that he was able to find solutions to his existing problems at the office, and even under immense pressure, he was able to manage his stress.

His brain was more composed and calm while he was working, and after finishing his daily tasks, he felt like doing other leisure activities or working on his lifestyle.

One morning he called me and said that he did not remember when the last time he slept for 7 hours was, but now he feels fresh and energetic as he could get better sleep.

The regular consumption of Mind also helped him power up his memory and attentiveness at work. He was making quick decisions even when he was under pressure.

He mentioned that now he was able to focus on his work without getting distracted, which helped him complete his tasks within the timeline, so the stress levels were reduced too.

I requested he visits the counselor once, and if he did not find him helpful, I wouldn’t force him to visit again. After a lot of pleading and fighting, he agreed to visit him.

Post-session, I called him, and he told me that he felt better after talking to the counselor regarding his issues. He even booked his next session with the counselor for the upcoming Saturday.

The counselor told him to perform yoga to keep his body healthy and reduce weight and to practice meditation to keep his brain calm and composed.

My brother is still following the directions of his counselor as well as consuming Performance Lab Mind every day, which has helped him bring about a drastic improvement in his life.

Dosage Of Performance Lab Mind

Each bottle of Performance Lab Mind consists of 30 vegan-friendly capsules, giving you a supply of 30 days when consumed according to the dosage mentioned on the official website of the product.

Though the website states that you may consume 1-2 capsules in a day, my brother began and still consumes 1 capsule a day on an empty stomach.

He has made necessary changes in his diet and is regular to his yoga sessions, which helps him extract the most benefit from Performace Lab Mind.

My brother has never overconsumed the product to get better and quicker results, which has kept him from experiencing any adverse effects of the product.

Benefits Of Performance Lab Mind

It has been around a year since my brother started using Performance Lab Mind, and without a doubt, he has received significant benefits from the product.

I have shared a few of these benefits below-

  • Combating Stress

    Stress was the prime reason, I requested my brother consume Mind. He agrees that this product has helped him fight against stress and enhanced the performance of his brain.

  • Better Cognitive Ability

    Since its consumption, my brother has noticed improvements in his cognitive functions. His focus, attentiveness, reasoning, learning ability, and thinking power have enhanced, helping him in acing his performance at work.

  • Boosting Memory

    Under the stress and pressure of work, my brother developed a habit of forgetting things which resulted in misplacing files or missing the deadline. However, Mind helped him in boosting his memory.

  • Brain Energy

    The thing my brother likes about Mind is that it maintains his brain energy which means he is able to work for longer hours without feeling exhausted.

  • Improved Brain Health

    My brother feels that his brain is able to perform better due to the low-stress level and enough rest which somehow contributes to better brain health. This was possible due to Mind consumption.

  • Safe To Use

    My brother is allergic to peanuts and is a vegetarian by birth due to which he likes Mind even more. This product contains all the vegetarian and vegan-friendly ingredients.
    Above all the website also mentions the list of allergic elements that have not been added to the product to protect you from the common types of allergies.

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Final Verdict

With the regular consumption of Mind by Performance Lab, my brother’s mental health has improved. Though he experiences stress while working, he could also maintain his calm now.

He has also developed skills in managing his time, which allows him to relax after work. According to him, the Mind helps him rejuvenate his brain even while he is working.

It has made it easier to make quick decisions, enhanced his thinking skills, and improved his memory capability, all of these help him perform his duties better.

My brother is thankful for the positive and desired results he has received from this product and plans on continuing its usage.


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  • In case of allergies or medical issues, consult a health expert before consuming any product.

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