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If your work requires you to be near tasty food every time you step out of your home, then losing weight could be challenging. The same was the case with my friend, as his job required him to eat various foods, making him a great foodie.

In this Oxitrim review, you will learn more about him and his experience and journey from the thought of losing weight, and in the latter part of this writeup, you will be able to find out if he could lose weight. This Oxitrim review is the sequence of events that happened in his life.

What Is Oxitrim?

Oxitrim ReviewOxitrim is produced by RS Research Labs Ltd., which claims it is a diet pill that could help lose weight and accelerate metabolism.

According to the makers, Oxitrim is a non-stimulant weight loss product, as seen in most cases.

They claim using Oxitrim could increase the adiponectin tissue level in the body, which could naturally make weight loss possible.

Oxitrim creators claim it is made with powerful and safe substances they do not believe could be found in any other weight loss product.

Oxitrim makers claim that it could help reduce waist size, promote weight loss, and increase insulin resistance in your body.

How Does Oxitrim Work?

Oxitrim by AS Research Labs claims it could be effective for weight loss as its ingredients are potent and result-oriented.

As per the details given on the official website, Oxitrim is a diet pill procured after 3 “gold standard clinical studies” that could encourage weight loss.

The makers claim that this non-stimulant weight loss product could help manage adiponectin levels and help users lose weight effectively.

They say it could do so by including Spaeranthus Indicus and Garcinia Mangostana in Oxitrim, which could help increase serum adiponectin concentration levels.

The manufacturers consider them as the main ingredients in Oxitrim formulation.

Besides these ingredients, the makers mention including ingredients like ashwagandha, which could aid in weight management and BMI.

The manufacturer mentions including Vitamin D3 in the Oxitrim mix, which could help the users maintain healthy bones and could also protect muscles.

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Ingredients Present In Oxitrim

The following is the brief list of ingredients present in Oxitrim-

  • Vitamin D3Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol is considered by the makers while formulating Oxitrim. This vitamin could help maintain healthy bones and muscles and support the immune system.
  • Sphaeranthus Indicus
    This ingredient in Oxitrim could help in weight loss and is included around 550 mg per serving. It could help in reducing total cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Sensoril Ashwagandha
    Ashwagandha in Oxitrim is an extract patented by Sensoril as Sensoril Ashwagandha. It could boost muscle strength and helps in weight management and BMI.
  • Mangosteen
    Mangosteen is also included in Oxitrim by the makers. It is a highly nutritious product that could contain anti-inflammatory properties and may also promote weight loss.

Why Choose Oxitrim?

My friend is a full-time food critic who loves to review food quality and other details by exploring different eateries and cuisines and sharing them on his social media.

Since the leading magazine employed him, he has been on cloud nine as it was his first job as a professional food critic.

Sampling food at different restaurants is exciting but not as easy as it seems. It requires indulging in excessive calories whether you like it or not.

Thus, it became like an everyday routine for him to go out for his work and document and write everything about his food experiences.

With time, he got super busy with his schedule and hardly got any leisure time for himself, even on the weekends.

Since we regularly went on social outings together since college, it was odd when we agreed to get together after a few months since our last hanging out.

When we first met after months, I was surprised to see that my friend had gained weight, and he looked so exhausted that it appeared like he would pass out on the coffee table.

Upon asking, he shared that he had been too occupied with his new job, which includes eating at different restaurants, and as a big-time foodie, he gets too indulged and ends up eating more.

He was sad regarding his weight situation and expressed his thought about changing his lifestyle. So we decided to take matters into our own hands.

My friend was in desperate need of a change, and we looked for all possible ways through which he could lose weight as fast as possible.

While exploring the options online, we came across products like Leptitox, Probioslim, and Oxitrim. My friend somehow felt attracted words Oxitrim, and hence he started going through the reviews on the internet and instantaneously learned more about the product.

The Oxitrim website mentioned having done clinical studies to formulate the weight loss product, which made my friend extremely curious as he felt it could jumpstart his weight loss journey.

He also found it interesting that the product makers had boasted that Oxitrim was better than any other weight loss product as they said it was free from stimulants.

Thus, he decided to place an order for Oxitrim as he wanted to lose weight and live a healthier life.

Oxitrim Journey

He couldn’t wait to begin his weight loss adventure with Oxitrim when it was delivered to his house within a few days.

For his starting week of consumption, he shared with me that he wasn’t feeling any change in his appetite and continued to overeat during his restaurant visits.

Moreover, he tried to reduce his calorie intake, but nothing helped him, and he would eat more than required during and after work.

But because it was generally believed that losing weight takes time, he took Oxitrm because he thought it would take some time before the results became apparent.

He tried to include morning walks in his daily routine, as it was also suggested by the makers to pair Oxitrim with daily walks.

Following up the third week, while he was at work, he started feeling nauseated, and it almost felt like he would throw up and was asked to take the day off from work.

This was not it, and he shared that after a few more days had passed, he looked himself in the mirror expecting to witness some physical change in his body but was shocked to see a plumper physique.

As shared by my friend, he did not experience any weight loss. He continued his life with food cravings and overeating when exploring cafes, restaurants, and bar hopping.

I advised him to stay active after work hours which might help him lose weight. After a month, he was in severe discomfort in his knees and ankles when he finally managed to go for his morning stroll, and the ache only got worse.

He was surprised because it was the first time he had ever felt pain while walking. Clueless about his condition, I decided to take him to the nearest doctor.

After a thorough body checkup and bloodwork, the doctor revealed that my friend was experiencing nausea as his nutrition levels had fallen below standard.

He further asked about his daily routine, including his sleeping hours and all possible details, including his eating habits and everything else.

My friend was already in too much pain, but he managed to share his details and enlighten the doctor about his Oxitrim consumption which he started for his weight loss.

The doctor told him that the problem he was facing was due to this product, and it might have also been the cause of the nutrition depletion in his body.

When the doctor revealed it, my friend was startled and thought that if he had used the pill a little longer, far worse things would have occurred.

So, the doctor strongly warned against using Oxitrim, gave him a couple of painkillers and nausea medications, and said he would be alright in a few days.

Oxitrim Review: How To Take Oxitrim?

According to the Oxitrim official website, the recommended dosage of Oxitrim is to take one capsule with breakfast in the morning, followed by another capsule with food and drink.

He could not reduce weight even when he used the suggested method and took daily walks while taking Oxitrim dose; instead, he experienced water retention and other issues.

Side Effects Of Oxitrim

My friend experienced the following adverse effects from using Oxitrim-

  • Water Retention
    He had never anticipated dealing with such a situation when using a weight-loss supplement, but instead of causing him to lose weight, it made him retain more and more water, which led to him gaining weight.
  • Joint Pain
    After he started using Oxitrim, he felt unusual stiffness in his joints that made him extremely sore, and he felt a burning sensation around his bones, making it difficult for him to walk.
  • Nausea
    Another side effect experienced by my friend was that he started feeling nauseated every other day, which would also trouble him with severe abdominal pain and headaches.
  • Dizziness
    My friend also had to deal with the unsettling side effect of feeling lightheaded and unsteady, which he started to experience following the start of the Oxitrim course of consumption.

Oxitrim Alternate

My friend suffered bloating and weight gain and was completely unsatisfied with his Oxitrim consumption as he faced such painful consequences.

He discontinued Oxitrim after his doctor advised him and decided to switch to natural ways to lose weight by eating healthy food for weight loss and living healthier lives.

But, as his profession involved being surrounded by food, it was a difficult task to conquer. But, committed to losing weight, the first thing he did was gain control over his overindulgence in food.

He changed his pantry, included fresh fruits and vegetables, and switched to clarified butter instead of canola oil. His aunt was a nutritionist, so he asked her to plan a proper diet schedule for him, which involved all the healthy recipes with good nutrition.

She also asked him to take Phen24 along with his diet and morning walks which would further assist him in his weight loss journey.

He got a bit perplexed thinking about his past experiences of using a weight loss product, to which his aunt explained that Phen24 could aid in losing weight and keeping it off for good.

This generated a slight interest in him, and he wished to know more about Phen24. His aunt told him that Phen24 is a 24-hour fat-burning formula that could burn fat and crush cravings simultaneously.

She gave him the link to Phen24’s official website and instructed him to check it out on his own before deciding whether to give it a shot if he was genuinely convinced.

Since then, he has been using Phen24 along with a proper diet, and now he plans on buying gym equipment to set up his home gym so that he can manage to keep up with losing weight.

He has lost weight and plans to stick to his newly changed active schedule. Even though he visits various restaurants now, he controls his appetite and works out consistently.

For him, Phen24 has been a godsend weight loss product that has supported him in his weight loss journey.

His results are sufficient evidence to conclude that he would continue using Phen24 in the near future to achieve his dream body weight and be consistently active in life.

Final Takeaway

Thus, it could be concluded that Oxitrim did not help my friend lose weight. Rather than helping him with his weight issues, it caused him water retention, nausea, and other health issues.

The makers did mention clinical studies but the ingredients in Oxitrim caused my friend such unfavorable effects that it could not be said it worked for him.

Other than that, when my friend tried Phen24 as suggested by her nutritionist aunt, he experienced favorable results safely and effectively.

He is a changed man and feels extremely happy with his newfound physique. He feels healthy, energetic, and equally happy after losing weight with Phen24 and a proper exercise schedule.


  • The information given in this review is general and should not be considered medical advice or a substitute for obtaining medical advice.
  • Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking professional medical treatment because of what you read or accessed through this review.
  • The results are personal and may vary from individual to individual.
  • Please consult your doctor if you have underlying medical conditions or are on any prescribed medicines before using any product.

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