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In this Nugenix review, a person shared his friend’s health concerns that were associated with his low testosterone levels.

The person mentioned that his friend tried a number of things to reduce his health problems, one of which was the use of Nugenix.

He gave the details of his friend’s consumption journey and also shared the actual results that might help you get insights into this product.

I have also presented information regarding Nugenix, how it works, and other details, to provide you with a complete overview of this substance.

What Is Nugenix?

NugenixThe makers of Nugenix claim that it is a free testosterone booster, as the ingredients used in this product increase your T-levels naturally.

According to them, its unique formula works on enhancing male performance by supporting better muscle strength and endurance.

The official website also mentions that Nugenix encourages your body’s energy levels with the help of essential B vitamins and other vital ingredients.

Manufacturers added that the product’s support for energy stimulation not only keeps up your physical strength but also promotes your sex drive.

According to the official website, Neugenix has scientifically formulated ingredients that its makers believe could enhance libido levels and spice your love life.

Moreover, the brand states that the product’s formulation has no water-down ingredients and is also preserved from stimulants.

Therefore, it mentions that with high-quality ingredients, Nugenix’s functioning could support your entire health.

How Does Nugenix Work?

According to the company’s claim, Nugenix supports your energy, muscle strength, and endurance and facilitates other health benefits with the help of its testosterone-boosting formula.

The formulators mention that Neugenix has ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, which increases testosterone levels and aids in boosting libido levels through its aphrodisiac properties.

Further, the makers talked about the inclusion of L-Citrulline malate in its free testosterone-boosting complex.

They believe this amino acid could be useful in increasing nitric oxide production in the body, which enables better blood circulation.

A study shows that proper blood inflow could promote the production of energy in the body which may be helpful to the functioning of your body.

In addition to that, NO stimulation could also regulate your sexual health and reduces the problems like erectile dysfunction.

Ingredients Of Nugenix

According to the manufacturers of Nugenix, it is designed with a combination of some essential vitamins, minerals, and natural testosterone-boosting ingredients. Following is the list of all the ingredients that are included in the product.

  • Vitamin B6

    This vitamin is also known as pyridoxine and the makers have included it because vitamin B6 supports energy stimulation. It could aid in the metabolism of nutrients like protein, fat, and carbohydrates which may result in better energy stimulation. Apart from this, this vitamin plays a significant role in improving your mood by regulating the brain neurotransmitters like dopamine and GABA.

  • Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble nutrient that is helpful in red blood cell formation. Therefore, it could regulate the blood flow and facilitates the functioning of your body. This vitamin also encourages energy production by supporting nutrient absorption in the body.

  • Zinc

    Zinc is an essential mineral that works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that reduces oxidative stress on cells and thus may aid in improving cellular function. According to the study, this mineral also supports the levels of testosterone.

  • Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex

    According to the makers, this complex has a combination of natural ingredients as well as amino acids that could promote the stimulation of free testosterone in your body. Further, they mention that fenugreek extract in it helps in increasing the T-levels with the help of furostanolic saponins compound which also supports high- libido.

    • L-citrulline Malate
    • Fenugreek Extract
    • Tribulus Extract

Why Nugenix Was Chosen?

My friend has been working for an MNC for quite a while now. He has a desk job, so he spends most of his time sitting in front of the computer.

Initially, when he started his work in accounting and auditing, his screen time was less due to his work responsibilities, and he was able to focus on his physical conditioning.

However, gradually, his responsibility started increasing, and as a result, he began facing difficulties in performing workouts timely.

At that time, my friend’s munching habits were also slowly developing, which was affecting his body weight.

He tried to improve his lifestyle, but with his hectic schedule, he couldn’t continue it for longer.

After some time, he started getting fatigue issues, my friend was not able to give dedicated focus to his work, therefore he went for the regular checkup.

My friend discussed his low energy and intense fatigue problems with the doctor, and at that time, the doctor suggested a testosterone level test for him.

Accordingly, he followed the doctor’s advice and went for the tests. After some time, my friend received his reports, and as per his test results, his testosterone levels were quite low.

Even the doctor told him that his fatigue issues were because of his declining testosterone levels. He advised my friend to follow natural remedies to increase his T-levels.

My friend was worried about his health as his weight was also increasing along with his fatigue issues.

He wanted a quick fix, so he started searching for products that could help increase his testosterone levels rather than going for natural remedies.

While he was doing that, he came across, Nugenix. My friend was impressed after reading about its free testosterone-boosting formula.

Therefore, after going through the details of its ingredients, he placed the order for the product.

Consumption Experience With Nugenix

When my friend received Nugenix, he was keen to use this product, therefore he started consuming it from day one.

The first few days were usual for him, as there were no significant changes to his energy levels and he was still facing fatigue issues after coming back from work.

But after a few more days, my friend’s energy levels started increasing. His sustainable energy was not only helping him in fighting off fatigue but also supporting him restart his exercise regime.

My friend started going to the gym, he used to perform low- to high-intensity workouts. Apart from this, his muscle strength and endurance were also improving.

At that time, he was quite satisfied with the product, however, after a few weeks of using Nugenix capsules, he began facing nausea issues.

Initially, my friend thought it might be because of his high-intensity workouts, but its occurrence slowly increased.

He was not able to have meals because of this problem, and he also used to have constant headaches.

My friend was annoyed by his health problems, and as a result, his sleep disturbances were increasing.

He was not able to manage his work at the office even as his fatigue was again getting worse along with nausea and headache.

So, after using this product for a few weeks my friend left the consumption of Nugenix.

Side Effects Of Nugenix

My friend goes through several side effects after consuming the product, although he followed the proper dosage of Nugenix. Following are all the adverse effects that he experienced.

  • Nausea

    My friend was happy with product usage, however after continuing this product for some time, he began facing the problems of nausea. After a time being, the feeling of nausea makes it difficult for him to consume his meals.

  • Headache

    He was struggling with the constant headaches after a few weeks. My friend initially ignored this health concern but after frequent occurrences, he made his decision for quitting Nugenix.

  • Insomnia

    My friend experienced the problem of rare insomnia, and the headache issues increased his sleep disturbances, as a result, he started facing these problems.

Dosage Of Nugenix

The official website mentions that one pack of Nugenix contains 90 capsules and it recommends the consumption of 3 capsules in a day. My friend followed the recommended dosage, he used to consume the capsules in the morning. However, after getting the adverse effects of Nugenix he stopped its consumption.

Alternative Choice

My friend was disappointed with the product results, and he was worried about how to overcome this problem.

When he shared his Nugenix experience with me, I became equally worried for him. At that time, I also suggested that he should switch to natural remedies.

My friend wanted to improve his health, therefore for improving energy, he began consuming protein-rich foods like eggs and other dairy products in his morning meal.

Apart from this, to reduce the problem of nausea, he started using mint leaves for making his evening tea and fortunately, this remedy worked for him.

After some time, my friend’s nausea problem was reduced along with his headaches. His energy was improving with the consumption of high-protein foods.

But he was still struggling with fatigue and weight gain problems because of his low testosterone levels.

I wanted to help him out, so I started my research for testosterone-boosting substances. While I was digging the internet for it, I came across Testofuel.

I went to the product’s official website and thoroughly checked its ingredients. I was impressed with TestoFuel’s functioning, but I properly go through its review before suggesting it to my friend.

When my friend learned about it, he was not convinced to use this substance, as he was terrified by his prior product experience.

However, after checking out this product’s reviews and functioning, he decided to try out this substance.

Initially, my friend mentioned that Testofuel helped him in improving his energy levels, as he was able to continue his work and exercise routine efficiently.

Besides that, he told me that after a few weeks, he started experiencing healthy weight loss.

My friend shared that within a few months, his overall health improved with regular usage of this substance.

Final Thought

My friend was concerned about his health when he first started facing fatigue issues because of his low testosterone levels. He tried several things including Nugenix, but unfortunately, it didn’t work for him. My friend’s health got more affected by this product, therefore, he left its usage.

At that time, he lost all hope for improvement but when my friend began with Testofuel, he got significant changes to his health. Not only his energy was improved but it supported him in getting a better physique.

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