SFTA Workshop at Expo East 2019
Taking Action to Transform the Packaging Landscape

Thursday, September 12, 2019 from 4-5pm ET
Hilton Hotel, Holiday Ballroom 4
Baltimore, MD

Turn Imagination into Action! After New Hope’s Re-imagining the Packaging Landscape session, stay to learn how you can take sustainable packaging action! Organized through the auspices of SPIN (Sustainable Packaging Industry Initiative), a project of the Sustainable Food Trade Association, Taking Action to Transform the Packaging Landscape presents attendees with the opportunity to learn about and support various transformative sustainable packaging initiatives already taking place in the industry.

After a brief orientation to the session, attendees have the opportunity to attend three distinct 15-minute “Rapid Round Table” discussions. Each “Rapid Round Table” discussion takes place at a different table, and is chaired by a packaging professional who is expert in and/or leading a sustainable packaging effort. When the 15 minute round is complete, attendees move to another expert and initiative. Topics include but are not limited to: aggressive retailer industry goals such as eliminating plastic packaging or service ware; coalitions to advance sustainable packaging R&D; eliminating chemicals of concern in packaging, and regional and federal policy action.

When the three rapid (expert) rounds end, attendees will be well versed on current sustainable packaging initiatives and have a roadmap of actions they can be a part of to bring change to the industry.


  1. Packaging Pledges and Buyers’ Guide Support: Lisa Spicka, SFTA
  2. Flexible Compostable Developments: OSC2 Representative
  3. Chemicals in Packaging: Cynthia Barstow, Safer Packaging Project
  4. National & Regional Packaging Policy Activism: Thomas Oppel, ASBC


SFTA Sustainability Workshops 

SFTA’s “Going Sustainable” sustainability workshops are designed to deliver skills and information for sustainability practioners in the organic food trade. The core of our work is rooted in the Natural Step Framework and then each workshop delivers fun, interactive learning opportunities to help attendees further their sustainability programs.

SFTA offers these workshops for both individual companies and for any interested parties in a particular region.  Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to request a workshop at your office or location.

Sustainability 101

Workshop overview: Building the capacity for sustainability within the organic food trade through understanding, implementation, and reporting.

Who should attend: This hands-on workshop is designed for professionals who are newly developing a formal sustainability program as well as those who want deepen their skills in sustainability and report writing.

What attendees will come away with: This workshop is aimed at providing attendees the ability to apply The Natural Step Framework, presenting the business case for sustainability, sustainability report writing skills as well as the opportunity to network with peers in the industry focused on sustainability and reporting.

Sustainability 201

Creative Leadership, Collaboration and Co-creation for Sustainability: For many sustainability practitioners your job requires skills beyond scientific knowledge, analysis, data management and reporting.  In fact, what most practitioners face is a need to manage people, tell a story, cast a vision and drive change within their organization.

In this workshop we will address the following questions: How do we transfer ideas, co-create expectations, spread vision, and inspire action, effectively and exponentially?  How do we get other people to do what we want or need them to do?  We don’t and we can’t.  However, we can help people do what they want to do, and invite them to share, participate, and contribute in the sustainability work of your organization.

The soft skills workshop is a blend of key offerings from change management and creative leadership, which is an important framework for understanding your role as a sustainability practitioner and how to inspire and excite those you work with to share in the work around sustainability.

Hard Skills – There is a lot of technical expertise required for understanding and managing sustainability. This workshop brings together experts in various fields to share some practical advice and a sharpening of skills we need daily. Be it excel for managing data, carbon and energy calculations, waste management, and even public speaking or presentation skills.

If you are interested in receiving information about our workshops and other training please feel free to email us at [email protected]

For more educational programs, please visit the Sustainable Food Trade Association Webinar Series.