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A concerned wife shares the story about her husband, who needed help regarding his health. This is when she intervened and requested that her husband start consuming Balance Of Nature products. She mentioned her husband’s experience and what circumstances led to the usage of Balance Of Nature.

You will also be able to understand much more about this product and its nitty-gritty so that you are not left hanging when it comes to Balance Of Nature.

About The Manufacturer

As per the official website of this product, the person who developed the brand or the product Balance Of Nature is Dr. Douglas Howard.

The website mentions that he aimed to combat lifestyle diseases from the long-term perspective, and in the initial phase, he just wanted to keep his loved ones happy. All these things led to creating a Balance Of Nature, exactly how it all started.

What Is Balance Of Nature?

Balance Of Nature ReviewAccording to the maker of Balance Of Nature, it is a product designed to provide whole fruits and vegetable nutrition. According to the website, this substance comprises fresh fruits and vegetables.

The manufacturers of this substance stated that the different fruits and veggies included in it would help in nutrient absorption. Further, they affirmed that this product provides whole-food nutrition and includes essential spices blend to support overall health improvement.

According to the information on the website, this substance delivers nutrition in dried form without artificial and preservative substances. Furthermore, they have boasted about its making process. As per the creators, this product is clinically tested and packed with healthy nutrients.

The makers claimed that this product is easily consumable for people following different diets, as they mentioned that this substance is keto-friendly and a better option for vegans.

How Does It Work?

Whole foods are the ones that are natural and remain unprocessed and free from synthetic substances. The makers of Balance Of Nature mentioned that its nutrient content is pure and natural.

To further explain this product’s working, they segregated the ingredients included in fruits and veggies products into different functions such as maintaining, repairing, and protecting.

As per the manufacturers, Fiber and Spices product has unique ingredients that might efficiently improve gut health. They have mentioned that this product provides phytonutrients that may improve digestion and reduce other health problems.

Ingredients Of Balance Of Nature

  • Ingredients Of Balance of Nature – Veggies
    Following are the ingredients which are included in Veggies Product
    This vegetable is part of the veggies product of Balance Of Nature. It is packed with essential nutrients and could be suitable for health improvement. It may improve digestion and also help in making brain functions better.
    Broccoli, a potent green vegetable, has antioxidants that effectively reduce inflammation. Apart from this, its nutrients support healthy heart functioning.
    This vegetable is also a good source of Vitamin C, and it contains fewer calories. Hence its intake promotes weight loss. The high fiber content in it also improves digestion.
    Kale is a cruciferous vegetable, and it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It may be effective in controlling high cholesterol levels. It could also aid in preventing cancer.
    Cayenne Pepper
    This veggie could help enhance digestive health by increasing digestive fluid production. Cayenne Pepper is rich in Vitamins B6 and Vitamin C. Besides, it could help flush out toxins.
    Carrots may promote skin health, providing nutrition to the body, which may be helpful for your bone health. It may also help in keeping the eyes healthy.
    Shiitake Mushroom
    This may facilitate white blood cell production in the body, and Shiitake Mushrooms could also be vital for boosting the immune system and its functioning.
    This green leafy vegetable is native to central and western Asia. It may be effective in relaxing the body by providing essential nutrients. Also, these nutrients help in regulating blood pressure.
    Being a good source of folate, potassium, and Vitamin A, it could provide sustainable energy and support bone strength. The low sugar content in it supports weight reduction.
    Wheatgrass could be potent in improving nutrient absorption. It may detoxify the body with adequate nutrients. Its anti-bacterial properties may be crucial in preventing the body from various diseases.
    Soy Protein
    It could be a good source of protein. Soy protein may help in energy synthesis and aid in improving overall health. It could also better control obesity and hence promote healthy weight management.
    Sweet Potatoes
    Sweet Potatoes’ high fiber content could support digestion, and it may be beneficial for preventing the body from free radicals that generate oxidative stress.  It could also regulate gut and brain health with its other nutrients.
    It is a marshland plant with essential vitamins and minerals helpful in lowering high sugar levels. Its antioxidant properties also aid in reducing inflammation.
    Raw onions have many benefits because of their nutritional compounds. It could reduce the problem of hypertension and may also aid in preventing cancer.
  • Ingredients Of Balance of Nature-  Fruit
    This fruit is one of the best antioxidants and may be effective for mental health, and could be used to alleviate problems of depression. It may also help in weight loss because it is low in calories.
    This nutrient-dense fruit is present in the fruit product of Balance Of Nature. Its consumption is linked with weight loss and may be effective for heart health.
    Aloe Vera
    It promotes skin health, and it may be efficient in reducing skin acne and other problems associated with it. Moreover, it could help in controlling blood sugar levels.
    Bananas are a rich source of potassium, and this fruit is part of the Fruit product of Balance Of Nature. According to a study, bananas could be a better option for controlling high sugar levels and promoting overall health improvement.
    Cherries are not only good for the taste, but they could also be a better option for getting good health benefits. This fruit is packed with many nutrients which could provide essential fiber for better digestion.
    These berries are native to North America. It is red and also has efficient antioxidant properties that could protect the body from inflammation. Cranberries also facilitate better heart and gut health.
    Lemons are also a great source of vitamin C. This citrus fruit is good for health and well-being. It is included in the composition of fruit products of the balance of nature.
    Mango has a pleasing sweet aroma, along with being luscious tropical fruit. Its fiber content might help support digestive health. Also, the essential vitamins and minerals could provide the body with nutritional support.
    The official website mentioned that this product contains oranges which are citrus fruit and comes up with nutritional benefits.
    It has nutrients that may improve bone health and support vision, and there could be various benefits of it. You can find various forms of grapes, as they are available in different varieties.
    Papaya is also an active ingredient of this fruit product, it has an enzyme called papain in it, and it helps improve food absorption in the body. Therefore, papaya supports digestion and energy stimulation.
    Pineapple’s healthy compounds prevent the body from diseases, and the nutrients included in it, such as fiber, protein, folate, and others, could speed up metabolic activities.
    Raspberries belong to the rose family; the nutrients improve essential body function. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, which could keep up heart health.
    A study shows that strawberries are good for health, as they could alleviate the problems of obesity and digestion. It may be decent for mental well-being even.
    Tomato is a fruit though it is used as a vegetable. Its healthy nutrition promotes healthy body function.
  • Ingredients Of Fiber And Spice Product
    According to the official website, this Fibre and Spice product has different healthy spices, fibers, and nutrients like calcium and iron.
    This product is supportive of digestive health, and also it can regulate gut health with its ingredients. Following is the list of ingredients included in Balance of nature – Fiber and Spice:
    Psyllium Husk
    Coriander Seeds
    Mustard Seeds
    Fennel Seeds

Why Balance Of Nature?

I’m a homemaker, and my husband runs a textile business near the bay area in California. When my husband returned from work a few months back, he began discussing our quality time. He shared that we didn’t get much time together, so he asked for planning for a trip like earlier. As before, we sometimes went on trips with some random plans.

However, with his increased work pressure, we reduced going on holidays, but when he asked for it this time, I was pleased to know. A few days later, we went on our vacation. My husband generally prefers road trips, but this time he refused it, I asked him about it, but he didn’t mention anything.

While we were on our break, I realized that my husband was not actively joining in for the adventure sports as he used to do before, and even when he tried, he ended up panting louder than usual.

I was concerned for my husband as he was not like this before, he loves to engage in activities and fun, but that trip was not usual. When we came back, I asked about his health, insisting he told me about his health issues.

He said he had felt entirely drained after work for the past few weeks and complained about fatigue and low energy. I was concerned for his health,

I couldn’t figure out how to help him with it, but one weekend, on scrolling the Internet, I came across a commercial about a product named Balance Of Nature.

When I visited this product’s official website, I was impressed with its three different fruits, veggies, and spices products and their ingredients. When I showed it to my husband, he found this product unique, and the natural substances attracted him even. He decided to try this product and placed the order a day later after coming from his office.

Consumption Experience Of Balance Of Nature

I received his order at the time as he was in his office. When I checked the products, they were the same as mentioned on the website. When my husband started, he hoped for a quick response, and the same happened.

Within a few days of consumption, he experienced significant changes in his energy level. He mentioned that he was feeling active, and his sluggishness was reduced from earlier.

The immediate response from this product made me slightly dubious of this substance, I asked my husband to be careful with its dosage, and he agreed. He used to take the proper dosage of this product. However, gradually after a few weeks, his fatigue returned, and he started experiencing severe digestion issues.

With Irregular bowel movements, his easiness increased. He used to go to work but wasn’t able to focus entirely. I used to pack lunch for him, but he started missing meals.

When I asked him about it, he mentioned that he sometimes feels nauseous and unable to have a meal. When his health issues enhanced, he decided to discontinue this product usage, and he felt that the consumption of Balance Of Nature could cause this.

Side Effects Of Balance Of Nature

Following are the side effects that my husband faced after consuming this product

  • Digestion Issues
    After starting with the consumption of Balance Of Nature, he began facing problems with his bowel movement. He used to get constipated more often, which made him uneasy.
  • Nausea
    Another problem that occurred after a few days of consumption of this substance was the problem of nausea. Being nauseous, he even started skipping his meals.
  • Fatigue
    He started with the Balance of Nature to reduce his fatigue health issue, but despite decreasing it, its consumption enhances the problem of low energy and fatigue.
  • Poor Mental Well Being
    His focus was disrupted after using this product, and he couldn’t focus on his work effectively.

Balance Of Nature Alternative

Fatigue and low energy levels were his major health issues, but with the consumption of Balance Of Nature, he began having other health issues. This time, I decided to go with natural remedies.

I persuaded my husband to follow a home cure to improve his health, and he agreed to it because he was worried about his health. To improve his digestion, I gave him foods rich in fiber so he could get at ease with his bowel movement.

On the other hand, I read that lemons could be a better option for reducing nausea, especially in the evening I used to give lemons. He decided to take a break from his work and focus entirely on his health for better health.

A few days later, his friend visited our house, and when he came to know about him, he became equally worried. His friend shared that he had similar health issues a few months ago.

He mentioned his mother used to take care of his diet. Further, he told us he tried to improve his health by consuming PhenQ Meal Replacement shake. He said that he found this product genuine and natural.

He advised my husband to try this product, but when he came across it, he was still dubious as he didn’t want to affect his health with random products.

This time he did thorough research by analyzing reviews and other things, and when he found this a reliable option, he decided to start its consumption. There were no significant changes in the initial few days of consumption. Besides this, he was adhering to his healthy diet. His nausea and digestion issues were slightly reduced, but fatigue was still a concern.

Nevertheless, his health gradually improved with the constant consumption of the PhenQ Meal Replacement shake. He mentioned feeling active as his fatigue was reduced from earlier.

The persistent energy and relieved stress helped him regain his focus on his work. Now it’s been a few months, and he is satisfied with its usage. He is relieved that he can get rid of the problem of digestion and nausea completely.

He is still following his healthy diet and consuming this effective substance for his health.

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Dosage Of Balance Of Nature

The website mentioned consuming fruits and veggies products thrice a day, whereas fiber and spice were recommended twice daily. My husband followed the exact dosage.

He used to consume fruit and veggies products along with his meals and fiber and spice product, which he used with his evening snacks. He carefully followed the exact dosage, but after getting its adverse effects, he stopped its consumption.

Final Thought

My husband was worried for his health, he tried improving his health with the consumption of Balance Of Nature, but it wasn’t efficiently working on his health. He faced severe consequences, but when he began with the PhenQ Meal Replacement shake, it was a boon for him.

He is grateful for his friend’s advice. With this product usage and healthy food consumption, his health was improved. Therefore, to maintain his physical and mental well-being, he has decided to continue with this product.

  • Details provided in this review are only for informational purposes.
  • The outcomes are personal and may vary from person to person.
  • Please consult any certified health practitioner before using this or any other product.
  • Professional medical treatment should not be ignored based on this review.

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