For mission driven organic companies who are committed to building a more socially just and environmentally sound food system, the Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA) provides hands on and virtual education, program development services and collaboration networks allow companies to become leaders in the organic food industry. Since 2008, SFTA has worked with companies, from farm to retail, to create and implement innovative, sustainable business practices throughout their supply chain.

As companies strive to implement sustainable business practices to complement the organic products they offer, they often find they need the best contacts, resources, and tools to bring about change. SFTA provides that, and more. We serve as a hub for members to learn, improve performance, share common metrics and best practices, and communicate results. In addition, we advocate for the adoption of sustainable business practices within the organic trade and in government policies.

When you join SFTA, you receive the following benefits:

  • Education: Trainings, webinars, workshops, resource guides, mentors, and other opportunities to learn from SFTA staff, outside experts, and peers.
  • Networking: In-person and online opportunities for members to share questions, challenges, and best practices, and to collaborate on shared initiatives.
  • Sustainability Metrics: Shared, industry-specific metrics, and peer-reviewed reports that enable you to learn, benchmark and make progress towards your sustainability goals.
  • Consulting Services: Staff support, resources, and guidance to help you plan and implement sustainability programs. Customized consulting is also available.
  • Communications/Marketing: Increased visibility through SFTA communications – our E-newsletter, and online and social media outlets. Stay informed, and share your story.
  • COMPASS Analytic Modules: Step-by-step guidance for your sustainability program, from strategy and goals to implementation, reporting, and communications.

Join us! The organic sector is uniquely positioned to lead the transition of the overall food system to one that is more sustainable – one that addresses both agricultural and business operations.

Membership Categories

Sustainable Food Trade Association has two membership categories — Full Members and Friends. To learn more about the benefits, fees, and application process, please visit each category:

Full Membership
Friends of SFTA

Note: Oregon Tilth, Provender Alliance and National Co+Op Grocers members are eligible for a 15% discount on their first year of SFTA Full membership and 5% off for membership years 2 through 4.