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Losing weight is not always possible using simple methods. The condition may become even more challenging if the person goes through anxiety and depression regarding maintaining a proper weight.

The same was the case with my cousin, who was struggling and ready to try anything to get rid of the excess weight he was carrying. This Leptitox review is about him and his experience when consuming this dietary supplement.

To make things a little clear regarding this dietary supplement, I have added a few essential details so that you can understand more about this product.

What Is Leptitox?

Leptitox ReviewLeptitox is marketed as a weight loss solution developed by a firefighter named Morgan Hurst and a scientist named Sonya Rhodes. The makers claim it is a powerful weight-loss product that may aid appetite suppression and weight loss.

As claimed by the brand, a dietary supplement for weight loss called Leptitox may help reduce fat storage while trying to inhibit hunger and improve how the body metabolizes food.

Other than that, the makers say Leptitox could also help regulate leptin levels in the body, which could be the prime cause of increased urge for food. It claims to suppress that.

The makers state that Leptitox could help remove toxins from the body while reducing hunger and helping with different weight loss objectives.

Let’s find out if Leptitox works for weight loss or is just another weight loss supplement swindle involving big and flashy claims.

How Does Leptitox Work?

Leptitox’s primary purpose, according to its creators, is to prevent or reduce the body’s leptin resistance.

According to a report, the peptide hormone leptin may control various physiological processes in addition to hunger and energy function.

Manufacturers claim Leptitox contains components that may aid in reducing fat storage by reducing hunger and cravings. They say this product has natural components like Brassica that could help with appetite management.

In addition to Brassica, the manufacturers have added Marian Thistle and Grape Seed, which they believe may help with weight loss by assisting the body to rid itself of toxins.

The creators of Leptitox added more ingredients. Let’s discuss them in more detail to gain more information about the product.

Ingredients Present In Leptitox

Leptitox makers boast about including natural ingredients, like-

  • Marian Thistle
    The makers have included Marian Thistle in the Leptitox mix.  This substance could reduce cholesterol levels and may also play its role in insulin resistance and inflammation.
  • Jujube
    Jujube is also considered in the formulation of Leptitox by the creators. Traditionally, it has been used in China for multiple benefits like managing blood deficiency and cardiovascular benefits.
  • Brassicas
    It belongs to the cabbage family, which is known as a cruciferous vegetable. Brassicas could help in reducing oxidative damage and could also help in stimulating the immune system.
  • Grape Seed
    The makers have considered using Grape seed in the Leptitox mix.  It could help in improving liver function in people with NAFLD.
  • Chanca Piedra
    The makers have added Chanca Piedra to the Leptitox formulation. It is a source of antioxidants and could help manage kidney stones and inflammation. It might as well work to improve digestion.
  • Alfalfa
    Alfalfa is also added to the Leptitox formulation. It controls high blood pressure and manages cholesterol, two issues that people with obesity frequently worry about.
    In addition, it may help repair the liver and replenish the vitamins in our bodies.
  • Taraxacum Leaf
    The manufacturers have also considered Taraxacum leaf, which is said to be full of vitamins and minerals like potassium, zinc, and iron. Minerals like potassium may help in maintaining bone quality.
  • Barberry
    This ingredient is also added to Leptitox by its makers. Barberry may improve lipid profiles in people who have heart issues and may also improve inflammation levels.

Why Was Leptitox Chosen?

You should be aware of various products that can make similar claims if you want to reduce weight, get a toned body, and also wish to have a flat stomach.

I am a passionate health expert. I review many lifestyle and weight-loss items to satisfy my curiosity and become familiar with the various products different brands offer today.

When I last met my cousin, he told me he had previously used Leptitox because he wished to get rid of excess body weight and lose some inches from his belly.

He revealed that his weight had been worrying him for a while, and his coworkers had made occasional jokes about it. This gradually made him vulnerable to depression and sadness, but after a few days, he told me he had decided he did not want to continue living this way.

By altering his lifestyle and seeking further support, he decided to take control of the matter and make a permanent change. Then, after haphazardly searching the internet for weight-loss products, he came across Leptitox. Desperate to lose weight, he decided to try it without first learning more about the supplement.

Leptitox Review

My cousin shared his Leptitox usage experience, mentioning his disappointment with the product. He began using Leptitox with a decent dosage, and according to him, the initial days were okay as he felt like his appetite was slightly reduced.

By noticing a change in his appetite, he felt he would not be tempted to eat junk like before and would lose weight. This immediate change in his cravings made him assume Leptitox was a godsend, but his happiness didn’t last long.

After a few days of its consumption, my cousin’s bathroom visits nearly doubled. He shared that Leptitox had caused problems for him, like frequent urination.

He started feeling lethargic throughout the day and had no energy to perform hectic tasks or even go for morning walks. This made him understand something was not right with him, and he visited the doctor, where doctor prescribed few blood work. My cousin informed the doctor that he had started using Leptitox recently, after which the problems began.

The reports showed decreased levels of certain minerals and vitamins, which could have been the possible cause of reduced energy levels and frequent urination.

The doctor advised my cousin that the adverse effects of Leptitox were to blame for the sudden change in energy levels and the frequent urinating. The doctor warned my cousin against using such a product without prior knowledge and suggested my cousin discontinue the Leptitox dosage.

Leptitox did not deliver what its makers had promised neither did it help my cousin lose weight. My cousin’s Leptitox experience was highly displeasing. He never lost weight. Rather than that, he faced problems like lethargy, frequent urination, and whatnot.

 How To Consume Leptitox

The recommended dosage for Leptitox, according to the company that developed it, is two pills daily, one taken during the day and one at night.

Side Effects Of Leptitox

The following are the side effects of Leptitox-

  • Frequent Urination
    My cousin experienced double bathroom visits, which drained his energy levels. Frequent urination could also cause excessive reduction of fluid levels in the body.
  • Lethargy
    Another side effect experienced by my cousin was that he felt tired throughout the day and sluggish to even complete his daily tasks. My cousin started feeling disinterested in doing daily work.
  • Tiredness
    Frequent urination during the nighttime also made him unable to sleep, leading to tiredness throughout the day.
  • Reduced Energy
    Yet another drawback experienced by my cousin was a lack of energy. He was always lively with powerhouse energy, but upon Leptitox consumption, he felt drained of energy levels.

Leptitox Alternative

After his experience using Leptitox, my cousin accepted that he could not reduce weight. But he wanted to live a healthier life, so he decided to join the gym and also planned on hiring a personal trainer. The first thing his trainer warned him against was using any kind of steroids like Winstrol, Anavar, etc, so that he does not damage his internal organ and face any side effects.

Thus, his fitness journey slowly came on track. He lost some weight which made him more motivated to get fitter. He followed a proper meal plan, indulged in daily cardio exercises, and did a bit of lifting.

After a few months, his weight plateaued. He stopped losing any additional weight. Thus, his trainer told him that he needed additional support for the same. His trainer suggested he try Leanbean, which could help him melt away the remaining fat from his body.

Leanbean, according to his trainer, was a natural weight loss substance that could help achieve ketosis, and he had been an ardent user of the same. His trainer claimed that Leanbean could help maintain energy levels to enable you to perform better during workouts.

Impressed by what the trainer said and after seeing the results in person, my cousin decided to try it. Leanbean not only helped him shed excess fat from his body but also helped him keep his energy levels intact.

He added that Leanbean, a proper low-carb diet, and exercise helped him achieve his dream body with a minimum fat percentage.  He looked and felt at his best.


My cousin wanted to lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle but to run into Leptitox for the same was one of his biggest mistakes.

He switched to healthier eating habits and decided not to try any product without thorough information or advice from an expert.

Thus, it could be said that whatever damage Leptitox did to his body was improved by using Leanbean, a workout plan, consistency, and a diet schedule.


  • The information given in this review is general and should not be considered medical advice or a substitute for obtaining medical advice.
  • Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking professional medical treatment because of what you read or accessed through this review.
  • The results are personal and may vary from individual to individual.
  • Please consult your doctor if you have underlying medical conditions or are on any prescribed medicines before using any product.

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