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If you want to know the important aspects of Omega XL then this Omega XL review might be useful for you.

As I have mentioned that the essentials that would give you a fair idea of the manufacturer’s claims on this product.

Besides that, for your better understanding, I have also included a real-life consumption experience in which a person shares his friend’s health concerns revolving around his joint discomfort.

You can read this review till the end, to find the exact consumption results of the person who was regular with Omega XL dosage.

What Is Omega XL?

Omega XL reviewsThe makers mention that Omega XL is designed from the pristine water of New Zealand by the manufacturer, Great HealthWorks.

According to them, it has a unique blend of 30 healthy fatty acids like DHA and EPA that are useful for reducing joint pain and may improve post-exercise muscle recovery.

In addition, the brand mentions that this product supports mobility and is available in the easy-to-swallow form, and does not taste fishy after consumption because of the Lipid Green Mussels oil extracts.

The makers claim that these oil extracts are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which could not only regulate joint health but also support your immune system with the help of their anti-inflammatory properties.

According to the official website of Omega XL, it is backed by clinical research and free from artificial substances that might behelp regulate the functioning of your body.

Further, they added that this product limits the allergenic levels of shellfish protein, gluten, and other substances, providing only natural ingredients to support your healthy and active lifestyle.

How Does It Work?

The formulators of Omega XL claim that this product works on reducing a variety of joint ailments including joint aches from normal aging.

They mention that to reduce these occasional or frequent joint pains they have used PCSO-524, an oil extract from Green Lipid Mussel.

According to the makers, PCSO-524 contains 30 types of omega-3 fatty acids including anti-inflammatory agents EPA and DHA which eases joint inflammation.

They state that these fatty acids also promote better heart health because their functioning helps in lowering the high cholesterol levels in the body.

Besides that, the company mentions the presence of Vitamin E in this product’s blend.

As per them, the acetate form of this vitamin shows antioxidative properties which reduce free radical damage to cells and thus promote better immune cells function.

By this, the makers affirm that the product’s unique oil complex and the other natural ingredients provide complete support to your joint mobility, flexibility, and comfort to your body along with encouraging faster muscle recovery.

Ingredients Of Omega XL

The manufacturers mention that Omega XL has a Proprietary Blend that consists of natural ingredients that might be used for improving your quality of life. Following are all the ingredients of this product, you can learn more about them from the following information.

  • Green-Lipped Mussel Oil Extract

    This natural ingredient belongs to New Zealand’s coast and comes up with several health benefits because of its nutritionally rich content. The official website states that it contains omega three fatty acids that could ease your inflammation issues in health problems like arthritis with its anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, this ingredient its preventive properties could be also useful for lowering muscle soreness in the body.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    The makers have used Extra Virgin Olive Oil in its proprietary blend as it contains powerful antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress. The reduced oxidation could support in reducing chronic cardiovascular diseases. Along with that, it supports the better flow of blood in your body which also supports your heart health and even lowers the risk of strokes.

  • Vitamin E

    It is available in d-alpha tocopherol form in the Omega XL composition. It is known for its antioxidative properties that not only reduce the chemical reaction of free radicals but also help in improving the metabolism of the body.


Why Omega XL Was Chosen?

My friend was a self-employed fitness trainer, he not only helped clients achieve their fitness goals but was also focused on maintaining his healthy lifestyle.

Along with doing workouts, he used to take better care of his dietary habits, at that time he was physically active and all fit.

However, with aging, his strength started reducing, and then my friend decided to discontinue working as a fitness trainer and open his own gym equipment business.

At that time, his muscle soreness problems and joint discomforts also started affecting his health, but he was all into his business’s growth and therefore didn’t pay much attention to them.

He was pushing his limits to stay physically active, but his joint and muscle health were not supporting him.

As a result, after some time, my friend’s pains started increasing, he used to suffer from intense back muscle pain, especially during the night.

The frequent pains were not only impacting his body but also disturbing his quality of sleep, as he was unable to sleep due to muscle soreness.

My friend was concerned about his health, and he wanted to get better quickly for his business.

Therefore, at that time, he started looking for some remedies on the internet. While he was searching for it, he came across a product named Omega XL.

My friend went to the official website of the product and started learning more about this substance.

He was quite impressed with the product when he first saw its natural ingredient blend. On exploring more, he also found out about its green-lipped mussels, sourced from the pristine waters of New Zealand.

At that time, he instantly made up his mind to try out this substance, and accordingly, he placed an order for it.

Consumption Experience With Omega XL

My friend received the order after a while, however, he was keen to use this substance, so he began with regular consumption of this product from day one.

Initially, in the first few days of consumption, he had not experienced many changes to his health, as neither his pain was reducing nor his strength was increasing.

But my friend was hoping for better results, therefore he continued with the proper dosage of Omega XL.

After a few more days, he experienced sudden changes in his energy levels, he was happy but at the same time quite uncertain about the change.

Gradually, his pain started reducing, and with the help of it, he was able to work for his business.

At that time, my friend believed that the product was working for his health. However, after continuing this substance for a few more weeks, he started facing nausea problems.

He was unable to have his meals properly because of the constant feeling of nausea and vomiting.

Even, though he was also experiencing bloating issues after consuming the capsules of Omega XL regularly. Initially, he thought this might be happening because his body was adapting.

Therefore, he continued this product for some time to get relief from the constant joint and muscular pain. However, after a while, this product wasn’t much effective in reducing pain even.

My friend became dissatisfied with the product as it was increasing his health concerns along with triggering headaches.

Eventually, he left the complete usage of Omega XL and started focusing on reducing his muscular pain and improving his overall health.

Side Effects Of Omega XL

This product was ineffective in reducing my friend’s joint and muscular pain problems. He also experienced heartburn and other gastro problems along with the following side effects.

  • Nausea

    Initially, my friend was satisfied with the product, as his pain was reducing. However, after a few weeks, he started having nausea problems, and because of it, he began struggling with having proper meals which affected his entire functioning of the body.

  • Headache

    My friend’s strength increased when he tried this product for some time. At that time, he was not facing any headache issues, but after continuous usage, this product started triggering frequent headaches.

  • Bloating And Constipation

    Bloating was the first sign that my friend noticed, but he initially thought it may be some usual body change. However, it continued for a few weeks, and as a result, he had to experience occasional constipation also.


Dosage Of Omega XL

The official website state that Omega XL has 30 servings per container and it recommends the consumption of 2 soft gels in a day. My friend followed the same dosage for a few weeks but unfortunately, it didn’t work for him and increased his other health concerns. Therefore, he discontinued the consumption of Omega XL.

Alternative Choice

My friend was now more concerned for his health, as his fit body was transforming into an unhealthy one.

His weight was also gradually increasing along with these health conditions. At that time, he thought to follow up on natural remedies to alleviate his health problems.

Accordingly, my friend started consuming high-fiber foods to reduce his constipation and bloating issues.

His aunt suggested that he should consume lemon juice regularly to slow down nausea and headache problems. Therefore, he also increases the usage of lemons in his meals.

These healthy changes worked for my friend and he was able to fight off the side effects of Omega XL.

However, he was still struggling with weight loss and his occasional joint and muscle pain problems.

When he shared his experience with me, I was surprised to know about his health, and even more worried to see his health condition.

At that time, I thought to suggest Thrive Patches to my friend, because my cousin was already using this substance.

I told my friend that my cousin used this substance for weight loss but this product also helped her in improving her energy levels.

Initially, my friend was not convinced to use this product as he was terrified by his prior experience of using the product.

But on insisting he checked its website, and then he finally decided to consider this product for his health.

Initially, when my friend used this product, he was experiencing calming effects in his body, as he was able to sleep properly.

Besides that, gradually he also started noticing changes in his energy levels.

The product’s transdermal method was aiding in providing proper nutrition to his body which was resulting in better energy.

My friend was happy that slowly his pain occurrence was also reducing, he restarted with his business work.

By being more physically active this time, he was able to focus on his business’s sales and growth.

It was a pleasing experience for him when he experienced significant weight loss, after the regular usage of Thrive Patches.

I was also relieved that the product worked well for him, when I met him recently, his strength improved along with his overall health.

My friend told me that, he is going to further continue its usage along with his healthy lifestyle and better eating habits.

Final Thought

My friend chose Omega XL because he keenly wanted to work on his physical fitness and was also looking to reduce his joint pains.

But unfortunately, regardless of trying it for a few weeks, it didn’t help him in improving his health. Even though it affected his health by elevating headaches, nausea, and other major concerns.

My friend was tensed for his health but the Thrive Patches usage brought on significant changes to his health.

He is glad that he chose this product, as now it is entirely supporting his lifestyle and healthy well-being.

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