Confused? In a conundrum?
SFTA offers customized services!

SFTA offers two kinds of services tailored to your needs – consulting and in-office sustainability trainings.

First, SFTA provides consulting on various sustainability initiatives you may be undertaking, whether it’s gap assessments, strategic planning for sustainability, benchmarking or systems for data reporting. Are your customers asking you for sustainability reports or checklists? Would you like to improve your B Lab Assessment score? We’ll help you put systems in place.

SFTA also offers on-site sustainability workshops for your company, at your location, and customizable to your needs. The full-day workshops are a combination of hands-on experiential learning and classroom presentation, facilitated by expert sustainability practitioners with experience in the organic food and sustainability sectors. Our leaders provide your staff with the education, skills development, and resources necessary to help them develop, implement, and enhance their sustainability programs.

Members receive discounted rates or fees.

Interested? Contact SFTA Associate Director Lisa Spicka at [email protected].

“Working with Lisa and SFTA has been integral to formalizing our company’s sustainability program. We have always had a culture of sustainability, but needed guidance to understand standards for measurements and reporting. Lisa helped get us from a general desire to be sustainably proactive to seeing the specific areas we can focus on to reduce our environmental impact. She also helped us to clearly see the sustainability work we are already doing and enhance it. Lisa’s positive outlook, her knowledge and organization skills moved us from conceptual to plans on paper at just the right pace, while we gained the knowledge and understanding we need to meet our goals. We are grateful to have had Lisa’s and SFTA’s help through this process, and to know they are here to support us as our sustainability program grows.”
—Kate Campbell, Quality Assurance Manager, Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss