Sustainable Food Trade Association
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Who We Are

WhoWeAre Our mission is to build the capacity of the organic food trade to transition to sustainable business models. SFTA serves as a hub for businesses to learn, improve performance, communicate results, share common metrics and best practices. Thus, defining and driving excellence in environmentally sound, socially just business practices using a systems-based approach.


Benefits of Membership

MemberBenefitsSustainable Food Trade Association membership provides companies with support and resources to integrate sustainability knowledge and practices in their operations. These efforts help members achieve their sustainability goals and differentiate their business.


Consulting & Training

SponsorsSFTA offers two kinds of services tailored to your needs – consulting and in-office sustainability trainings. Look towards SFTA for additional help with your sustainability programs!


  • Attend the SFTA/Organic Trade Association Sustainability Learning Forum“Making Your Business More Sustainable” – held in conjunction with OTA’s Organic Week DC! The Forum will be held Tuesday, April 14, Room 235 in the Hall of the States, Washington, DC. Free for OTA and SFTA members. For more info, click here.
  • SFTA Elects New Board, Executive Committee
    The SFTA Board elected Jason Boyce as new board president February 4. The board also elected Jim Pierce, Vice President; Bri Saseen, Treasurer; and Peter Golbitz, Secretary. Rounding out the executive team are Jonathan Reinbold and Hansel New.
    Hannah La Luzerne, Kelly Hoell, Michelle Suess, and Tessa Young will join Britt Lundgren, Diana Chapman, Natalie Reitman-White, and Shauna Sadowski to complete the 14-member SFTA Board of Directors. (See press release and board list.)
  • SFTA Annual Report Hot Off the Press Check out SFTA’s new annual report and infographic documenting all the exciting initiatives we undertook in 2014, and including tips of our 2015 plans!