Sustainable Food Trade Association
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Who We Are

WhoWeAreThe Sustainable Food Trade Association is a non-profit trade association that engages with the organic food trade and farms to define and drive excellence in environmentally sound, socially just business practices using a systems-based approach.


Benefits of Membership

MemberBenefitsSustainable Food Trade Association Membership provides companies with support and resources to integrate sustainability knowledge and practices in their operations.  These efforts help members differentiate their business and communicate practices with impact and integrity.



SponsorsSFTA relies on our sponsors’ support to help us go above and beyond our budgeted goals. Your sponsorship provides increased support for vital projects while raising the visibility of your sustainability leadership.


    • Meet SFTA executive director and communication director at the Expo East Harvest Festival, September 17th from 2-6 PM at the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore MD.
    • While at Expo East, attend the All Things Organic education session “Lessons in Sustainability” on Thursday, September 18th, 10:30-11:45, Room 315. Panelists include Katherine DiMatteo, SFTA; Linda Brown, SCS Global Services; Wendy Behr, White Wave Foods; and Shauna Sadowski, Annie’s Inc.
    • October SFTA Webinar: “Challenges, Opportunities, and Innovations of Sustainable Packaging.” Join SFTA at 10 AM PDT on Friday, October 24th, to learn how “sustainable packaging” is defined, what common trade-offs exist, and how Life Cycle Analysis can help analyze packaging impact. Speakers include packaging experts from EarthShift, OSC2, and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Free for members, $15 for non-members. Click here for more info.
    • Check out SFTA’s infographic that puts the findings of our 2014 Member Sustainability Progress Report in a nutshell! In it, we focus particularly on progress made in the areas of energy, water, and waste reduction, in addition to use of organic agricultural products, employee health and well-being, and community involvement. Feel free to share it!