Sustainable Food Trade Association
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Who We Are

WhoWeAre Our mission is to build the capacity of the organic food trade to transition to sustainable business models. SFTA serves as a hub for businesses to learn, improve performance, communicate results, share common metrics and best practices. Thus, defining and driving excellence in environmentally sound, socially just business practices using a systems-based approach.

Benefits of Membership

BenefitsSustainable Food Trade Association membership provides companies with support and resources to integrate sustainability knowledge and practices in their operations. Join a powerful, diverse peer-learning community. These efforts help members achieve their sustainability goals and differentiate their business.

Consulting & Training

Consulting-TrainingSFTA offers two kinds of services – consulting and in-office sustainability trainings – tailored to your needs. Look towards SFTA for additional help with your sustainability programs! Available to non-members and members. Discounted fees for members.

Measure What Matters

MeasureSFTA Metrics Snapshot is a dynamic set of SFTA core metrics and actionable benchmarks.  The 33 quantitative metrics provide easy reporting, benchmark comparisons, as well as a customized analysis of your company’s progress. A partnership of SFTA and B Lab.


Hungry for Knowledge?
SFTA is pleased to announce new member programming — Knowledge Network! The first session — Putting Pen to Paper: Climate Action Plan Development and Progress Tracking will be held June 6, 2019. This Knowledge Network session focuses on the sharing of specific practices and tools that companies employ to track climate impacts, set goals, and develop climate action plans or strategies. While normally open only to SFTA members, June’s inaugural Knowledge Network session will also be open to OSC2 members and companies who have made commitments to the Climate Collaborative.
Interested? Read more here about the session here.

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