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Testosterone boosting exercises

The male sex hormone testosterone is important to men’s health. It helps in improving sexual health as well as boosting red blood cell production. It is an excellent way to boost your gains naturally.

Testosterone improves muscle mass, boosts fat distribution, improves bone density, and increases muscle strength.

However, the level with which the natural production of testosterone will get boosted depends upon the number of repetitions and the resistance used while exercising.

These exercises are also good for the muscles and may help you gain muscle strength, improving muscle hypertrophy.

Below are the best testosterone-boosting exercises that can boost your gains. For each exercise mentioned below, you can try a repetition range between 5 to 12 times, depending on your limits. Rest for 60-90 seconds before starting again and perform 3-4 sets.

Top 10 Testosterone-Boosting Exercises

  1. Back Squats

    This weight-training exercise can help you boost your testosterone levels. It is easy to perform, and the equipment can easily be available at any gym. It targets a large group of muscles in your body.

    • You can do it by aligning your shoulders and standing near the bar stacked with weights.
    • Grasp the bar, unrack it, and let it rest on your upper back.
    • Step back and push down until your hips and knees fall out. Set your feet parallel to the shoulders with your toes pointing outwards.
    • Then, bend and push up to stand again.
    • Repeat this 5-6 times and perform 5 sets with 2-3 minute breaks between each.
  2. High-intensity Interval training (HIIT).

    High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a combination of various high-intensity exercises mixed with some low-intensity exercises as well. These exercises are quite exhausting but may help you increase the serum level of testosterone by naturally boosting its production. It also decreases the free levels of cortisol and thus lowers stress. Low cortisol level also indicates an increase in the serum level of free testosterone. Some of the exercises that are a part of HIIT are:

    • Mountain climbers.
    • Lunges.
    • Burpees.
    • Jumping jacks.
    • Side jackknife.
  3. Bent-over row

    The bent-over row is a resistance exercise that could boost testosterone production in men. It can help you increase gains in no time if paired with the right diet.

    • It can be performed by lifting a bar and letting it hang in front of your thighs.
    • Ensure your arms are shoulder-width apart, and bend your hips properly.
    • Now, lower your torso until it is almost parallel to the floor. If you feel the tension in your hamstring, bend your knees more until you feel the tension lower.
    • Now, squeeze your shoulder blades and pull the bar to your belly.
    • Repeat this 8 times and perform 4 sets with 2 mins rest in between.
  4. Clean And Jerk

    Clean and jerk are a resistance exercise that involves weight lifting to target the major muscles in your body. It is a part of the Olympic lifts and can be performed using a bar only.

    • You can perform a clean and jerk by placing your feet together and holding the bar at your shoulder length. Make sure your knees are bent.
    • Then, start the first pull and hold it when it reaches your knee.
    • Bring the barbell to your hip in the second pull while keeping your feet on the ground.
    • Then, rotate your elbow in such a way that you can easily elevate the bar overhead until you’re under the bar.
    • Now, squat down and hold the barbell at your shoulder level. Then, thrust the barbell overhead again.
    • You can repeat this around 4 times and perform 5 sets with appropriate amounts of breaks in between.
  5. Leg press

    The leg press is another best exercise for boosting testosterone production. It can be easily performed in a gym using leg press equipment. Still, ensure you put the maximum weight you can handle according to your strength.

    • You can perform leg presses by sitting on the equipment’s seat, making a 45° angle.
    • The seat can recline on its own. Make sure your back is straight and aligned with the seat.
    • Hold the handles at the sides of the equipment and place your legs on the weight. Make sure your legs are straight and tighten them.
    • Then, push the weights. After a maximum number of pushes, you can rest by releasing the weights and slowly pulling your legs back.
    • Make sure to take a day off to recover as well.
  6. Deadlift

    A deadlift allows you to lift a massive amount of weight and thus targets a large group of muscles. It targets the lower body and strengthens the muscles in the legs and butt.

    Deadlifts can be done using barbells as well as dumbbells. It is a great testosterone-boosting exercise and may improve your gains within a few months of intensive training.

    • You can do a deadlift by positioning your feet shoulder-width apart and keeping your spine straight in front of the bar.
    • Bend down and slightly arch your back and grasp the bar. Lift the bar from feet to knees while breathing out.
    • Keep your arms straight as you feel the tension in them.
    • Pull the bar up while keeping your shoulders back, but do not bend backward to avoid losing balance. Lower the bar to the ground.
    • Repeat 6 times and perform 5 sets.

    You can try wearing a wristband or a wrap for a better grip.

  7. Bench press.

    The bench press is a commonly performed exercise that effectively improves testosterone levels in men who experience early symptoms of low Testosterone. You can perform a bench press by pushing weights above your chest. It can be done using a barbell or dumbbells of varying weights according to your choice.

    • A bench press can be performed by lying flat on your back with your shoulders aligned.
    • Hold the barbell at shoulder level and grasp it. Now, slowly lift it off the rack and push it upwards, ensuring your hands are straight. Stretch your arms properly and hold the bar above your chest.
    • Now, slowly bring the bar back while keeping your elbows bent inwards.
    • Repeat this and perform full sets with proper rest in between.
  8. Chin-ups.

    Chin-ups are a slightly modified form of pull-ups. In chin-ups, instead of your palm facing outwards, it faces you while you lift yourself.

    • You can perform a chin-up on a pull-up bar by grasping it in a supinated grip, which means you grab the bar with the palms facing you.
    • Make sure your hands are shoulder-width apart from each other. Hang your body from the bar and pull yourself up until your chin is at a level above the bar.
    • Lower yourself back until you’re hanging and repeat 8 times and do 4 sets with 2 minutes of breaks in between.
  9. Walking Lunges

    A lunge is a core-strengthening exercise that tones the muscles. Lunges can be performed without the use of any equipment and can provide great strength to your legs.

    • Place your feet at hip-width apart from each other to perform walking lunges. Ensure your posture is perfect with your back straight, chin tilted upwards, and shoulders back, and your core engaged.
    • Take a wide step with your right foot while slightly lifting your left foot.
    • While keeping the elbows at 90°, press the heel of your right foot and extend your knees.
    • Take the next step by lifting your left foot and repeating it.
  10. Sprint

    Sprinting is a full-body exercise that may enhance metabolism and boost muscle gains. A 50-meter all-out sprint is recommended, with about 30 seconds of rest between each sprint. The repetition can range between 5 to 10 repetitions, depending on your current strength and fitness level. Sprints are easy to perform and can be done even when you don’t have access to gym equipment and weights.


Testosterone is an androgen that performs various functions in men, including muscle strengthening to improve your gains. In the case of men with lower testosterone levels, it is quite difficult to build muscles efficiently. For that, you can include a variety of testosterone-boosting exercises in your workout routine that are easy to perform and may help you build the body of your dreams without any major hindrance.

Along with proper exercising, you need to maintain a good diet and incorporate stress-relieving habits, and reduce alcohol to increase the effects of these exercises. Make sure you also take days off to recover so that you don’t have any major injuries.

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