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This WildFit Diet Program review is about myself working as a corporate employee whose physical health came toppling down when I switched from fieldwork to a desk job.

In this review, I have vividly expressed my experience of following the WildFit Program. Following several health problems, I had to take an ultimate decision.

Thus, if you wish to have a clearer picture if the program is effective at all, stay till the end of this review and get access to untapped information in this candid WildFit Diet Program review shared by me.

What Is WildFit Diet Program?

WildFit Diet Program is created by Eric Edmeades. As per the official website, WildFit Diet Program is designed in such a way that will help you to improve your overall quality of life.

As it is mentioned on the official website, WildFit Diet Program is a 90-day learning experience that will help you in enhancing your lifestyle by enriching your knowledge of eating and eating habits.

As per the official site, in this program, you will get access to tools and monthly videos that would support you to be consistent with a healthy regime.

The program claims to develop the brain’s relationship with food. It can support you in losing weight and transforming your health.

After joining this program you can also get connected with different people and also can join online groups and communities that would eventually help you throughout your fitness journey as mentioned on the official website.

According to the official website, WildFit Diet Program is a 90-day real-time coaching curriculum, following which you can restore your health and can also achieve a healthy weight.

It claims to share nutrition info and behavioral reprogramming tools which the makers believe can guide you in achieving your health goals.

The maker affirmed that the WildFiet Diet Program has focused on holistic learning. The website mentions that you will get to know about the different aspects such as, how to stay motivated throughout your fitness journey and how could you handle cravings and other related aspects.

How Does It Work?

The website mentions the uniqueness of the WildFit Diet Program. It claims that WildFit Diet Program won’t suggest fast weight-loss tips.

But it helps you to understand the different food connections and eating habits that will make a positive impact on your lifestyle in the long run.

The author mentions that the learnings from this program will help you to maintain focus, as it provides information related to the enhancement of mental willpower. As per the website, this program could bring significant changes to your lifestyle because it supports healthy living.

In this program, you will get to know about food freedom through the various tools and videos therefore, you can easily mold your diet with the help of this program as per the maker’s claims.

According to the maker, WildFit Diet focuses on health and wellness, so it covers different areas of life which lead to personal growth and development. As per information available on the website, In this, you will also learn to control food temptation and cravings.

With the help of different communities’ connections and support, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, you can stay consistent with your eating pattern with the help of community connections according to the maker.

Why Did I Choose WildFit Diet Program?

I switched from fieldwork to a desk job. It was different from my previous work, I had to sit for long hours which I was not used to, so it was exhaustive and tiring for me sometimes.

By sitting all day, I also started binge eating which resulted in my excessive weight gain. I was unable to maintain a healthy regime because of my hectic schedule. Although I was trying out different home remedies to get rid of the stubborn fat and reduce my fatigue, nothing worked.

So I started looking for different products and diet programs, While browsing on the internet, I got to know about WildFit Diet Program through an advertisement popup.

I opened the official website of this program. It was quite attractive for me, as I get detailed information about the program along with reviews and testimonials on the website.

I found this program a bit different and unique. It was mentioned on the website that, this program focuses on improving the quality of life of its user.

The program follows a holistic approach, so I thought it might be helpful for me. After reading ahead about this program, its monthly live session, tools, and different food recipes, I was pretty much convinced to try this program.

Usually, I take some time to decide before buying something new. But this time I was keen to lose weight and improve my overall health with something effective and natural, so I instantly purchased the program from the official website.

My Experience With WildFit Diet

After purchasing the program from the website. I got the login access. There was a huge database of pre-recorded video lessons. Different food recipes were available there.

There was detailed information, on how to make changes in diet, how to create a schedule, and much more. The best part was that I was able to watch these videos anytime, without disturbing my work schedule.

I began by learning about the different food recipes which, I could include in my diet so that, I can improve my overall health.

I attended the live sessions, where I got insights about eating habits and food connections. I started following recipes for weight loss recommended in this program.

I focussed on consuming a low-protein diet but with minimum restriction. Initially, it was going well, I started feeling lighter and more active even after my work hours.

I continued with the same food recipes, but after a few weeks, I started feeling fatigued. I thought it was happening because my body was adapting to new changes.

But after continuing this for a month, I used to have extremely low energy, and my sleeping pattern was disturbed.

I used to experience occasional insomnia along with reduced appetite, which was affecting my health and work. I was finding it difficult to concentrate on meetings and projects.

Slowly I started experiencing frequent headaches. With a reduced appetite and low fiber intake, I used to feel constipated often.

I discussed my problems with my sister, and she told me to consult a doctor before it becomes worse. After consulting with a doctor, he suggested some blood tests for proper diagnosis as he found nothing from a normal check-up.

After getting the reports, he told me that these health problems are associated with my protein deficiency and reduced appetite.

He told me to increase my protein intake. Also, he suggested, that I should take a break from my diet if I was following any otherwise this condition could become more fatal.

So, then I decided to stop following the program and its food recipes as it was affecting my overall health. Also, I decided not to follow any program in the future before doing proper research about it.

WildFit Diet Program Side Effects

  • Reduced Appetite

    My appetite was reduced after making dietary changes. With a low protein intake, I used to feel less energetic and weak.

  • Fatigue

    Along with reduced appetite, I started feeling fatigued more often. My energy used to drain out after doing any work for a long period of time. Changes in food and eating patterns severely impacted my energy level.

  • Constipation

    I used to have difficulty with bowel movements, because of the reduction in my fiber intake.

  • Headache

    I experienced frequent headaches after making the changes in my diet.

  • Insomnia

    Along with headaches, I experienced occasional insomnia. My sleeping pattern was disturbed which affected my overall well-being.

Alternative To WildFit Diet Program

I quit the program after getting its adverse effects. I was completely dissatisfied with the results, so I decided not to follow any of the programs like this in the future.

I tried to maintain eating food items that are high in protein and started doing exercises as suggested by my doctor. By including high protein in my diet, I was able to reduce health issues. Gradually, my health condition improved a bit, but there were no such changes in my weight.

I shared my experience of the WildFit Diet Program with my friend and also mentioned my weight gain issue with her. She told me that she was in the same kind of situation a few months back.

She told me that she improved her health by consistently following up on a healthy regime. she also mentioned that the consumption of PhenQ PM supported her to lose weight effectively.

She mentioned about details of this product. She told me that with its regular consumption, she had significantly improved her overall health. She suggested that I should try this product along with my healthy regime.

But this time before trying this product, I decided to do in-depth research from my side. After visiting its official website, I got to know about its natural ingredients.

After reading more about this product, and its effective and natural ingredients, I decided to include this product in my diet. Initially, I was confused and not sure about this product’s results.

But with its continuous usage, I was able to lose weight significantly. Gradually, it also helped me in enhancing my energy levels. I started feeling more active and confident. It also boasts my strength and stamina.

Now it’s been a month and I’m actively using this product. As of now, I have not seen any of its side effects thus, I have decided to continue its usage with my high-protein diet and exercise.

Final Verdict

On summarizing my journey with WildFit Diet Program, I will definitely add that I will not try any similar program ever again.

I’m glad that I chose Powher at the right time. With proper and adequate consumption of this product, I was able to lose weight effectively.

It’s been a few months now and the constant use of this product helped me improve my overall health. I will surely continue its usage in the future along with maintaining my healthy regime.

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