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Hims Delay Spray

Developed by Hims & Hers Health, Inc., Hims Delay Spray could help you prolong your sexual experience by reducing sensitivity.

Premature ejaculation is a sexual health concern that occurs when a man ejaculates before he or his partner would like him to. It may cause distress and frustration for both partners and may impact overall sexual satisfaction.

Does Hims Delay Spray effectively address premature ejaculation? Is it another marketing gimmick to sell a dud?

In this Hims Delay Spray review, I discuss its working and effectiveness. I have also mentioned some other exclusive details to give you a clear idea about Hims Delay Spray.

What is Hims Delay Spray?

Formulated as a desensitizing spray, the Hims Delay Spray claims to help you prolong your sexual experience by reducing sensitivity.

Hims Delay Spray could temporarily desensitize the penis skin area, allowing for better control and increased time before ejaculation. This climax delay spray could boost your intimate time with your partner.

It is a topical spray that is advised to be applied to the penis before sexual activity. The spray contains a mild anesthetic called Lidocaine, which may help numb the penis and delay ejaculation.

As per the makers, Hims Delay Spray is absorbed into the skin for maximum effectiveness without transferring to your partner. This ensures that the spray works precisely where it is applied, allowing for a more controlled sexual experience.

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How Does Hims Delay Spray Work?

According to the official website, Hims Delay Spray functions by temporarily desensitizing the penis, reducing its sensitivity to sexual stimulation.

The Hims Delay Spray contains lidocaine numbing agent lidocaine, which might reduce the sensitivity of the penis. When applied, the spray creates a numbing effect, allowing better control over ejaculation.

The numbing agent in Hims Delay Spray acts as a local anesthetic that may work by blocking the nerve signals in the penis, preventing them from reaching the brain and delaying the ejaculation reflex.

Hims Delay Spray Ingredients

  • Lidocaine

    Lidocaine may help reduce sensitivity without causing complete numbness, which maintains a pleasurable experience while prolonging the sexual activity. It may help in premature ejaculation and boost sexual experience.

Hims Delay Spray Benefits

Benefits Description
Prolongs sexual experience The Hims Delay Spray could delay ejaculation, which might let you and your partner enjoy longer-lasting sexual encounters.
Enhances control By using the Hims Delay Spray, you might have better control over your ejaculation, preventing premature climax and ensuring a more pleasurable experience for yourself and your partner.
  1. It May Treat Premature Ejaculation

    The Hims Delay Spray may help in resolving instant ejaculation issues, which could boost your sex life and also satisfy your partner. With better control over ejaculation, you may experience a rush of orgasms that could make your sex life more enjoyable.

  2. It Could Enhance Sexual Drive

    The Hims Delay Spray could heighten sexual drive by prolonging sexual encounters and enhancing overall satisfaction. When you directly apply it to the penis skin, it takes effect and extends the time it takes to reach climax, which could increase sexual stamina and a heightened sense of pleasure for both partners.

Side Effects of Hims Delay Spray

  1. Stinging or Burning Sensation

    Hims Delay Spray may cause some burning feeling when applied to the penile area. It could induce some unbearable skin burn, leaving you agitated and restless. Stop using the spray if you experience more intense sensations like the tingling and burning effect felt on the penis after application.

  2. Temporary Numbness

    While this side effect could be temporary, some Hims Delay Spray users may experience numbness on their penis or be unable to achieve orgasm after applying it. It may make you feel unusually cold, making sex less pleasurable. You may not feel sensations in your testicles and penis, which could sometimes make you feel nothing, even after heavy stimulation.

  3. Loss Of Erection

    Hims Delay Spray may cause difficulty in achieving erection. It is meant to delay premature ejaculation, but due to its active component, Lidocaine dulls sensations but could make you lose an erection. Loss of erection could also happen when you apply more than the advised Hims Delay Spray, excessively prolonging climax control.

  4. Other Side Effects

    • Itchiness
    • Redness
    • Irritation
    Side Effects Minimizing Risk
    Temporary loss of sensitivity Start with a small dose and gradually increase if necessary
    Skin irritation or burning feeling Ensure proper application, avoid excessive use

Is Hims Delay Spray Scam Or Legit?

There is some skepticism surrounding the legitimacy of Hims Delay Spray. The Hims Delay Spray’s official website says it could help in delaying premature ejaculation issues. However, there is insufficient data available to support their claim. There is a lack of research studies and clinical trials that raise skepticism.

Customer reviews also show mixed responses, with many experiencing no change at all, and only a fraction of Hims Delay Spray users experience positive experiences with its usage. Many complained that Hims Delay Spray did not help them last longer during sexual activities.

The official website needs to clearly disclose the ingredient amount and how much Hims Delay Spray contains in every application. This further raises concerns regarding Hims Delay Spray’s safety profile.

The official website does not mention the manufacturing quality control process, which adds a layer of doubt regarding Hims Delay Spray’s efficacy.

Thus, thorough research is required to assess Hims Delay Spray’s legitimacy. From the inconclusive data available, Hims Delay Spray’s credibility and reliability remain questionable.

Hims Delay Spray Consumption Results

Hims Delay Spray shows ineffective results in addressing premature ejaculation concerns.

Many users reported that Hims Delay Spray did not help them last longer during sexual activity.

The numbing effect did not last, which made them struggle to control ejaculation.

Some Hims Delay Spray users experienced skin irritation after applying the spray. They couldn’t stand the rashes and redness that also ruined their sexual experience.

Hims Delay Spray Alternative

VigRX Delay Spray could be a suitable option for managing premature ejaculation. According to its official website, VigRX Delay Spray helps to last longer, allowing you to extend your pleasure.

The makers claim that VigRX Delay Spray is formulated using a mild anesthetic called benzocaine, which may get absorbed in the subcutaneous layer of penile tissues.

They also mention that VigRX Delay Spray takes around 10 minutes to desensitize the nerves in the penile area and become less stimuli-sensitive.

The VigRX Delay Spray formula could help boost your sexual performance and pleasure with increased duration of intimate encounters with your partner.

As per the official website, VigRX Delay Spray has a 67-day money-back guarantee, indicating its efficacy in delaying climax working as a desensitizing spray.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Hims Delay Spray Safe To Use With Other Treatments for Premature Ejaculation?
    Hims Delay Spray contains numbing agents and can be used with topical anesthetics and ED treatments. However, avoid Hims Delay Spray if you have an allergy or Lidocaine sensitivity.
  2. Is Hims Delay Spray Suitable for Individuals With Sensitive Skin or Allergies?
    No. Hims Delay Spray contains Lidocaine, which may be unsafe for sensitive skin or people with allergies.
  3. Are There Any Specific Instructions for Using Hims Delay Spray During Sexual Activity?
    Hims Delay Spray precautions may include avoiding contact with eyes or broken skin and conducting a patch test before full application.


Hims Delay Spray claims to delay premature ejaculation and boost your sex life. However, Hims Delay Spray may not be as effective in addressing these sexual concerns. It may not help you last longer in bed.

The users who tried Hims Delay Spray appeared unsatisfied with its application and switched to other ways to delay their ejaculation during sex.

VigRX Delay Spray could work as an additional support for your ejaculation and orgasm concerns. It could help desensitize the area for prolonged sexual experience.

However, indulging in kegel exercises could provide you with sexual and urological support. Long-held contractions of your pelvic muscles could boost your sexual performance.

You may also try prostate massage, which could potentially reduce premature ejaculation problems and be more pleasurable.

However, if you still experience premature ejaculation, talk to your doctor once to know about the underlying cause and get your bloodwork done.

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