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Lockdown made every second person lazy, and without any physical activity, people used to live an unhealthy life, and eating unhealthy food made people fat and obese. Excess weight is unhealthy for everyone, but in this busy schedule, everyone might not have time for the gym, so several people use cumin water for weight loss.

Cumin may be available in every house and kitchen. It is used as a spice to make food tasty and as a weight loss remedy. If you want to lose weight, you could use cumin regularly. Regular use of cumin may help you burn extra calories, increase your metabolism, and stabilize your digestion. You can use cumin in seed form or powder form. It will help you.

Uses Of Cumin For Weight Loss

  1. You can soak cumin seed at night with one cup of water, and in the morning, boil it for 5 minutes and drink it; if you don’t have time, drink it without boiling. If you want something, you can add lemon or honey, which makes that drink tasty and helps to lose weight. After drinking that drink, you don’t have to eat anything for 1 hour.
  2. You can make cumin powder and mix it with black salt; then, use it in curd and salads.
  3. You can use cumin powder with ginger and lemon. You must take some vegetables, add cumin powder, ginger, and lemon, and make soup. And drink this soup every night, which will help you lose weight.
  4. You can mix cumin powder in brown rice and eat.
  5. You can also use cumin powder, water, and honey, mix them and drink them.
  6. Cumin is beneficial to our body and helps detox; cumin water helps reduce inflammation, which is also the main reason for unwanted fat.


Precautions While Using Cumin Water For Weight Loss

Cumin water has a warm temper, which may increase your body temperature in summer. That’s why you do not drink in summer—especially from April to June because these months are scorching. You can use them regularly in winter and when it rains.


How long can you use cumin water?

You can use it as long as possible because it isn’t harmful.

The right time to drink cumin water

You can use it on an empty stomach if you want more benefits. This is the best time to drink. But you can also drink after breakfast.

Cumin Has Other Benefits As Well

  1. Cumin reduces bad cholesterol.
  2. It helps prevent heart attacks.
  3. It may help to increase memory and immunity.
  4. It makes the digestion system better.
  5. It makes gastric and bloating better.
  6. With the help of cumin, you can treat anemia.

The story is about a girl who drinks cumin water every morning and loses 20 kg within six months.

A girl, her name is Nisha. She is a student. At 16, she was facing nasty comments about fat shaming, which disappointed her and affected her mental health. People commented on her looking poorly, but she decided to overcome positively.

When children didn’t know the meaning of being fat, Nisha overcame it and did it within six months with the help of drinking cumin water and losing 20 kg weight.

At this age, her weight loss journey is like this –

Nisha told her story like she said she had been a bubbly child since childhood and loved to eat. But sarcasm and body shaming has started affecting my mental health.

She said she didn’t understand these things initially but became lonely and sad when it happened continuously. And now her favorite outfit didn’t fit her. With suggestions from her loved ones, she decided to change her lifestyle. Now she aims to become fit and lean. Hence, she searched the internet for natural weight loss solutions and found several articles.

In one article, she read about cumin and natural weight loss. In another article about ProVen Review, she came across side effects of weight loss supplements. This was when she decided to stick to cumin and not go for any supplementation.

After six months of regularly consuming boiled water with cumin, she observed a decent weight reduction.

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Diet During Weight Loss Journey

In her weight loss journey, Nisha does intermittent fasting. She said it’s a slow process, but she started eating only that cooked at home and avoiding oily and outside food.

Nisha said she started her day by drinking cumin water, increasing her metabolism and fat-burning process.

  • Breakfast

    She eats things like poha, upma, daliya, idli, etc.

  • For Lunch

    She takes two chapatis with green vegetables, salad, and a glass of buttermilk.

  • Dinner

    She takes khichdi, daliya, paneer sandwiches, or peanut butter toast for dinner.

  • Pre-Workout Meal

    She takes one glass of lemon water. And some low-calorie food like watermelon.

She said on the weight loss journey, she focuses on the workout. And to maintain her stress level, she did yoga as well. She goes for a morning walk every day for one hour and loves dancing, so she dances to her favorite songs for 30 minutes.

She said a healthy diet is necessary, with regular exercise in the weight loss process. Drinking more water, being happy, and having stress-free and complete sleep are essential to losing weight.

She said she prioritizes sleeping early at night and waking up early in the morning. Stay silent and focus on extracurricular activities. She learns to say no to her favorite food and control her desire. She said that she is a sluggish person, but now she has become an active person.

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From Nisha’s point of view, the most challenging thing in her weight loss journey is that she is always insecure with her body. She said being a fashion freak, she didn’t fit in her clothes. And if anyone calls her fatty, that makes her sad. According to her, that was the most challenging time for her.

This is her story, and at the end of the story, if you dare to take a step, that will be a move, and every move is essential. Remember that you didn’t gain weight in one day, so it cannot reduce in one day, but if you have discipline and determination, nothing is impossible.

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