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Sustainable Food Trade Association Webinar Series

An Introduction SFTA’s Streamlined Reporting Form and Dashboard Metrics (SFTA Members Only)

Tuesday, December 11 at 11 AM Pacific
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Great news for sustainability managers! A collaborative effort between students in the Clinton Global Initiative and the SFTA has resulted in a vastly streamlined SFTA reporting format and improved Metrics Workbook – complete with a new dashboard to summarize key quantitative data.

Now, each of the four sectors (producer, manufacturer, distributor, retailer) has a link on the SFTA Member Center’s Sustainability Reporting page. When clicked, this link takes you to three files that support specific reporting metrics in your sector. These files are:

  • Sustainability Reporting Guidance and Tips
  • Workbook/Dashboard
  • Sustainability Report Template

The Sustainability Reporting Guidance document provides tips as to how to start reporting on your sustainability program (and is largely unchanged from before). The Sustainability Report Template content is the same as before, however the layout has been updated to make the report shorter and faster to work through.

The biggest change has been made with the Workbook/Dashboard file. It has been reformatted to be much simpler to use. The worksheets (one for each of the 11 Declaration areas) now perform many conversions and calculations automatically using the raw data you input which can then be used in your Report Template. They also automatically fill in the Dashboard metrics tab towards the front of the file.

The Dashboard metrics are critical for helping create sector/industry sustainability benchmarks. Even if you don’t fill out the comprehensive Sustainability Report Template, we do hope that you can complete the dashboard metrics. There are about three dozen metrics for each sector, and they really paint a fabulously comprehensive picture of your companies’ sustainability efforts.

SFTA Education Director Lisa Spicka will host a free member-only interactive webinar on these new forms and the new Dashboard on December 9th at 11 a.m. PT. Contact Lisa at with questions. Enjoy the new streamlined reporting!

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The Politics of Climate Change in Washington DC

Tuesday, January 13 at 11 AM Pacific
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Debates about the science of climate change, as well as the need to reduce carbon emissions and shift to cleaner sources of energy have been subjects of debate for over a decade on Capitol Hill. Still, congressional action has been slower than many would prefer, often because of misinformation regarding the science of climate change and confusion about the projected impacts. The Politics of Climate Change will provide an overview of this debate from an insider expert’s perspective, discuss its deeper ideological underpinnings, and give an assessment of current and future action for reducing emissions and its impact on businesses.


  • Dr. Johannes Loschnigg, Former White House Staff

Learning Objectives:

  • The role of Congress and the White House in creating environmental policy
  • Capitol culture towards climate change and major players in the debate
  • Understanding of current/future climate change policy/regulations
  • How business can join and influence the discussion


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