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Get a Free Assessment of Your Company’s Social and Environmental Performance!

SFTA Member Organic Valley's HeadquartersSFTA has partnered with B Lab to help you “Measure What Matters.” Assess the impact of your company on workers, local communities, and the environment. Robust sustainability programs are key to both cost savings and overall business success. Measuring will help you reach your goals.

Take advantage of this opportunity – the Quick Impact Assessment is just 30 questions that benchmark your environmental and social performance. It’s designed for the organic food industry, and it’s free!

Be a change agent – let’s show customers, vendors, and other businesses how organic companies lead the way by providing organic products and managing their entire operations in a sustainable manner!

What is the Measure What Matters Quick Impact Assessment (QIA)?

The Quick Impact Assessment (QIA) is a tool for you to identify and evaluate your business’s strengths, where there is room to improve, and measure your business against others. What’s more, you can ask your supply chain to complete the QIA to get the information you need to make your entire operations the most sustainable possible!

    • SFTA worked with B Lab to develop an organic industry-focused QIA to help you measure and benchmark your company’s environmental and social practices. The questions address organic purchase/sales, community involvement, emissions, governance, humane animal care, stakeholder engagement, worker standards, and water quality/use.
    • Instant results are easy to understand and enable you to compare your company to other similar companies in the organic industry that have completed the QIA.
    • SFTA and B Lab have additional tools to help you set targets and track your progress over time.

I’m Sold! How Do I Get Involved?

Let’s get started.

  • Step 1: Create Your Account and Get a Baseline
    Assess how your company performs against dozens of best practices on employee, community, and environmental impact. Average time, if you have data collected for your SFTA report or other sustainability/CSR reports, is 30 minutes.
  • Step 2: Compare Your Impact
    See how your company stacks up against thousands of other like businesses through B Lab’s Quick Impact Snapshot.
  • Step 3: Improve Your Impact
    Create a plan to improve your company’s practices, and help your staff implement them.
    • Fill out the Quick Impact Assessment! It’s short and to the point, as well as eye-opening! Even if you don’t have time to complete the assessment in one sitting, you can simply set up your account and input the information when you’ve gathered it. If you are a SFTA member, you should be able to pull most of the information from your last report.
    • Do your best with the questions. Some are specific, and some are more general. Don’t get stuck! The important point is that you answer as many questions as possible to get the broadest look at your program. Ask us if you have any questions, and give it your best effort.

How Does My Company Benefit?

Strong Sustainability Programs = Business Success. Save money, see your score at a glance, compare against others, identify opportunities, and improve your supply chain transparency. Get a free report that shows where you stand, that you can share with customers and the media, and helps you to make improvements and see cost savings. Show your employees and vendors you’re moving in the right direction when it comes to sustainable practices.

    • Unlock potential cost savings! Answering these questions requires you to take a hard look at your business’s existing practices, including practices in your supply chain. The data gathering and analysis alone can help you identify opportunities to reduce resource use and waste, and implement additional efficiency measures, which should lead to operating cost reductions!
    • See your score at a glance, compare against others, and shine a light on your company! This is a tool for you – see how you compare to other organic companies that have completed the QIA. Plus, you can request from SFTA a customized set of analytical data from the assessment for internal use and external marketing.
    • Identify where you have holes in your program and how you can improve.
    • Improve your supply chain transparency. Ask your suppliers to complete the questionnaire – SFTA can give you their results (with the company’s permission); we can even compare their performance to the performance of your other suppliers!

What Happens After You Take the QIA?

You will receive results immediately after completing the assessment. SFTA also will use the aggregate data to track the sustainability of participating organic food companies, and include the results in our annual sustainability report.

      • In addition to the Quick Impact Snapshot, you can request from SFTA customized analytical data from the assessment for internal use and external marketing.
      • SFTA and B Lab have additional tools to help you set targets and track your progress over time.

“I just did the QIA for Hummingbird Wholesale (HW) and it took me 50 minutes. At the end, I learned which topics HW is above average on, which HW is average at, and which the company should focus on for improvements.”
— Kristie Steele, Hummingbird Wholesale

“From the analysis SFTA provided based on our Quick B Lab Assessment report, Lisa and I worked out a sustainability strategic action plan, pulling together the many parts of the sustainability program at GloryBee. “
— Shandy Carroll, GloryBee


Frequently Asked Questions

We are already SFTA members and submit a sustainability report. Do we still need to need to complete this Quick Impact Assessment?
The more participants, the more valuable the comparative analysis feature for you and SFTA. You should be able to pull most of the answers from your annual sustainability report. In addition, B Lab asks a few other useful questions that are not a part of SFTA metrics (mostly pertaining to governance). Plus, by participating, you can raise the bar for other organic companies to meet.

The SFTA QIA is an annual reporting tool that helps fulfill our two-part member reporting requirement. The assessment tool automatically creates a new annual assessment for you every year on February 15th. B Lab recently redesigned their B Impact Assessment platform to be faster and more user-friendly. If you’ve previously completed the SFTA Quick Impact Assessment (QIA), the next time you log-in to your B Lab account, you will be given instructions on how to transfer to the new interface. Don’t worry, your old data will be saved and the assessment content is the same!

Our company already completed B Lab’s full assessment, or we’re B-Certified. Do we still need to complete this Quick Impact Assessment?
Good news! If your business has already completed B Lab’s full impact assessment (a longer, more in-depth survey), your data can be integrated into this campaign. We only need two things from you: 1) authorize B Lab to share your existing data with SFTA (email:, and 2) complete the 10 questions (of the 30) that are unique to the SFTA focus. These new questions are in the company profile and assessment you would already have set up.
What if I need help?
SFTA staff is trained in the Quick Impact Assessment, and can help you navigate the website, interpret questions, and find your results. Just email us at If you’re interested in additional help to develop or improve your sustainable programs, SFTA membership is an option that offers you education, resources, and a learning community of peers. In addition, we offer consulting and training services for members and non-members.
Why is SFTA partnering with B Lab?
Our partnership – based on aligned missions – will help accelerate change and leadership within the organic food sector. B Lab’s quick assessment tool will enable more companies to start measuring and reporting, components vital to strong sustainability plans.

B Lab has spent years and millions of dollars to develop this impact assessment. It provides a quick, easy tool and lots of capacity to store and analyze data.

Is my data safe and private?
Your data absolutely is private. Your specific information is shared only with B Lab and SFTA. We pledge to not share the data publicly other than in an aggregated manner that does not identify each company.

Questions? Help? Feedback?

Please contact Katherine DiMatteo,, with questions, to request assistance, or to offer feedback on the QIA tool.



Get one-on-one help from SFTA! We are here to assist you through the QIA process. If you’re interested in additional help to develop or improve your sustainable programs, SFTA membership is an option that offers you education, resources, and a learning community of peers. Consulting and training services for members and non-members is also available.

We also appreciate your feedback, and want to know about your experience with QIA. Contact Katherine DiMatteo at