Benefits of Belly Bands in Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, a girl falls in love with a person she hasn’t met in her life. Pregnancy changes a girl physically, mentally, and emotionally. Motherhood is the most precious feeling in the world. A playful kick from her baby makes the mother the happiest person in the universe. We must provide more care before, during, and after the pregnancy. The mother should take proper nutrition and be free from pain and stress. We have to keep both the mother and baby healthy. During pregnancy, a woman will have severe pains and mood swings, we have to take care of her properly. We should visit and consult the doctor regularly. Belly Bands are necessary to be used during pregnancy. It has a lot of benefits.

What is a Belly Band?

The belly band is a tube-like flexible garment worn by pregnant women to extend the life of pre-pregnancy clothes by covering unzipped or unbuttoned pants. Belly Bands are also used to stabilize the pelvis and provide balance. It can distribute the baby’s weight evenly to the lower back and abdomen.  But it is recommended to consult the doctor before using them. And also long-term usage can reverse the effects.

Belly Bands

Benefits of Belly Band

  • Reduce the need for new clothes

    During pregnancy, as the belly starts to expand, all the dresses will become shorter. We have to buy a new wardrobe of clothes. But some women may feel uncomfortable buying new clothes as they are expensive. By using belly bands, we can extend the life of maternity clothes. Also, one can wear belly bands even after their pregnancy to readjust their clothing. There are some belly band brands available at affordable prices.

  • Reduces the pain

    A human body can bear only up to 46 dels of pain. But a mother feels up to 57 dels of pain while giving birth. This is equal to 20 bones fracturing at the same time. Not only at the time of giving birth, every woman feels severe pain during the whole pregnancy period. Because of the pain in her lower abdomen, she can’t even do her routine work.

    Relaxin is a hormone that makes the hip joints less stable and loose. During pregnancy, this hormone will increase. It will result in excruciating pain in the lower back area. Belly bands support this region, stabilize the joints, and reduce pain.

    Extra weight and pressure on the ligaments that support the uterus’s growth may lead to Round ligament pain which probably occurs in the second trimester. The mother will suffer from dull aches and sharp pain below the belly. Belly bands will distribute the baby’s weight equally at the back and abdomen and relieve the pressure on the ligaments.

  •  Compression

    Some women like to do workouts to stay fit and healthy. They even go jogging. But while running, as the belly is growing, you may have a pulling sensation, as the baby bump moves up and down. The belly band provides gentle compression to your belly and makes you comfortable during the workout. So you can proceed with your daily routine and stay happy.

  • Muscle Strength

    The belly of the mother should grow large enough to accommodate the growth of the baby.  The rectus abdominis muscles are stretched for the growth of the belly. Sometimes these muscles may stretch very large resulting in a condition known as diastasis rectus abdominis. Even though it does not happen, the muscles will become weak after pregnancy. Belly bands help to build muscle strength and reduce pain. It makes the mother stronger and helps to lose weight faster. Even though belly bands have so many benefits, we should use them moderately.

  • Post Pregnancy Support

    We know that during pregnancy muscles, and ligaments will stretch to support the growth of the baby. After pregnancy, it requires more time and support to be normal. The body takes more time to heal properly. A belly band postpartum provides enough support to your abdomen and lower back while your body has healed. Also carrying your baby and breastfeeding may cause strain on your low back. Belly bands make you comfortable and provide relief to your pain.

  • Posture

    You have to change your walk and postures to support your baby’s growth. A belly band will compress your lower hip and lift your baby off. This will help you to be in the correct posture and sit straight. So, if you wear a belly band that provides support to the lower back, there is no need to worry about bad posture. Bad posture can cause body aches and pains.

How to select a suitable belly band?

  • The belly band should be comfortable to wear. It should not be too tight. If it is so, it will compress your inner organs and cause indigestion, head burns, and more problems.
  • It should be made of soft and flexible material so that it can expand around the stomach.
  • Measure the part of your belly that is the biggest around your abdomen at the belly button. Buy the belly band of that size. If you feel If the size is too large, just subtract 2-3 inches from the measurement and buy according to that size.
  • Before buying the belly band, you should consult your doctor and ask for their suggestion.

Even though wearing a belly band has a lot of benefits, but prolonged use is not good for your health. Experts say you should not wear your belly band every day as it may weaken your core muscles. It is recommended that you can start using the belly band for 20 weeks. As belly bands reduce your body pain, you can sleep peacefully at night. You can wear your band while you are breastfeeding your baby. But doctors advise you to avoid wearing your belly band while eating and sleeping. But you should keep in mind that belly bands and belly belts won’t help you to lose weight but they can compress the fats.

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