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WRAP (Working to Reduce Adverse Packaging) is an SFTA working group dedicated to deepening networking, education and industry collaboration around sustainable packaging. This multi-sector group, in operation since 2017, reviews the interplays and impacts of packaging challenges from the value chain’s full perspective. The one-hour, monthly meeting format rotates between discussions with industry experts, and member-to-member knowledge exchange and feedback sessions.

The group’s vision? A food packaging ecosystem based on renewable or minerally abundant materials designed for zero waste to landfill.  Efforts that work towards this vision include:

  • Education: Even for holders of packaging engineering degrees, the world of packaging is complex and fast-moving. Expert speakers help inform members of new developments and deepen their understanding of specific topics, including:
    • “Generation 2” Life Cycle Assessment software/methodology (SCS Global)
    • Outcomes of international packaging conferences (Synaptic Packaging)
    • Regional and national challenges with composting facilities (BPI)
    • Groundbreaking studies from government organizations on the environmental and social impacts of different types of packaging attributes (Oregon Department of Environmental Quality)
  • Collaboration: Members discuss challenges and solutions they have encountered in their search for a more sustainable packaging system, and identify wider industry efforts they may be able to influence. Topics have included:
    • Company guidelines, policies, and best practices
    • New Packaging discoveries
    • Messaging for consumers and business customers
    • Results of Life Cycle Assessments
    • Policy and infrastructure work for composting and single-use plastics
  • Resource Development: From time to time, desired member resources are identified. These resources are developed in an iterative fashion with industry experts and group feedback. Current efforts include a packaging decision tradeoffs guide and sustainable packaging buyers’ guide.

Interested in joining WRAP? If not already an SFTA member, sign up here! If you are interested in joining the group, please reach out to and let us know you are interested!

Please note that SFTA prioritizes expert speakers who are SFTA Members, SFTA Friends, and key partners.