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Balancing work, deadlines, and daily life can be very stressful. Pulsetto claims to use electrical impulses to stimulate the vagus nerve in your neck, helping you relax and reduce stress and anxiety.

Is Pulsetto effective as a non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation?

This exclusive Pulsetto review evaluates if it is a reliable tool for managing stress or just another tech fad. It has different programs and can be customized, making it a promising option for improving mental health.

To understand how Pulsetto helps with anxiety and stress, it’s important to know how it works and its limitations.

Let’s examine Pulsetto more closely to determine if it can truly improve relaxation and mental health care or if it’s merely a marketing gimmick from its creators.

What is Pulsetto?

According to the official website, Pulsetto is a vagus nerve stimulator that is said to help reduce stress and anxiety.

It claims to work by sending gentle electrical pulses to stimulate the vagus nerve. This might help with anxiety, burnout, pain, sleep issues, and stress.

The makers state that you control Pulsetto using a mobile app, which offers 5 different programs and 9 levels of intensity to customize your experience. To use it, you apply electrode gel to your

neck, place the device on the gel, and activate it.

The pulses from Pulsetto may improve how you manage stress and your sleep quality, control your anxiety, and relieve pain.

How Does Pulsetto Work?

According to the working mechanism, Puletto contains small electrodes that are strategically positioned on the neck to ensure precise stimulation of the vagus nerve, allowing for effective transmission of signals to the brain.

It may lower anxiety by calming your nervous system, reducing stress, and providing a sense of peace.

Pulsetto could also help improve sleep by helping you relax and reduce stress, improving sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Pulsetto claims to reduce ADHD symptoms by improving focus and reducing hyperactivity. It may also help improve HRV (Heart Rate Variability), which means better overall health and a greater ability to handle stress.

The makers also claim that Pulsetto helps in reducing stress by stimulating the vagus nerve to lower stress levels, helping you feel calmer and more centered.

Pulsetto could enhance gut health by improving gut function and digestion, positively affecting the gut-brain connection. It may also provide relief and support for potentially managing chronic autoimmune conditions.

Pulsetto also has a curated sound library within the app, synchronizing auditory stimuli with electrical pulsations for an enhanced user experience.

Advantages Of Pulsetto

  1. It May Lower Anxiety & Stress

    Pulsetto uses gentle electrical pulses to stimulate the vagus nerve, which could promote relaxation and potentially reduce anxiety and stress in several ways. It might calm the mind by soothing the nervous system and fostering mental clarity, focusing on the vagus nerve’s role in regulating stress. Pulsetto could help alleviate physical tension by relaxing muscles and easing tightness often linked to stress.

  2. It Might Improve HRV

    Pulsetto could improve Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which might help people adapt to stress more effectively, increase resilience to daily challenges, regulate how the body responds to stress, improve overall health, and promote relaxation. You might find it easier to manage stress, build resilience, and enhance your overall well-being by using Pulsetto regularly.

  3. It Might Improve Sleep

    Pulsetto has 5 tailored programs designed to induce relaxation and enhance sleep quality, with 9 frequency levels for personalization based on individual needs. It includes a curated sound library to promote relaxation and deep sleep further. You can choose from various soothing sounds to create a calming environment conducive to peaceful rest.

  4. It Might Promote Gut Health

    Pulsetto could enhance gut health by improving gut function and digestion, positively affecting the gut-brain connection. It may also provide relief and support for potentially managing chronic autoimmune conditions.

Pulsetto Customer Response

Some users have expressed mixed experiences with Pulsetto, noting varying levels of effectiveness and satisfaction.

While some reported reduced anxiety, increased calmness, and improved well-being, others did not experience the same benefits.

The device’s simplicity and ease of use were highlighted positively by a few users, but others found it less intuitive or did not notice significant improvements.

Some of the Pulsetto customers mentioned quick results and ease of use, but overall feedback could have been more consistently positive across all users.

While Pulsetto shows potential for enhancing mental well-being and managing stress, individual experiences and effectiveness may vary.

Side Effects of Pulsetto

Users of the Pulsetto tVNS device may experience minor side effects, which could include fainting, headache, heart palpitation, itching, nausea, neuropharyngitis, tingling, and vocal hoarseness.

These side effects are usually temporary and mild but are important to be aware of for a safe user experience.

  • Fainting: Rarely, users may experience fainting, especially when first using the device or adjusting stimulation levels.
  • Neuropharyngitis: This side effect, involving inflammation of nasal and throat mucous membranes, may occur in sensitive individuals.
  • Tingling Sensation: Many users might feel a tingling or prickling sensation on the skin during electrical stimulation, which usually goes away quickly.

It’s crucial for people considering Pulsetto to consult with a doctor before starting therapy, especially if they have underlying health concerns.

While these side effects are generally manageable and short-term, personal responses may vary.

Pricing Of Pulsetto

According to the official website, Pulsetto offers a subscription for the Anxietless educational program. The plans range from $23.39 for one month to $69.90 for six months.

The $23.39 plan might be suitable for trying out the Anxietless program. However, the $69.90 plan may give longer access to people who want to experience sustained benefits and support in managing anxiety.

Refund Policy Of Pulsetto

Pulsetto’s makers provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means customers can get a refund if they return the product in its original undamaged box.

Where To Buy Pulsetto?

You can only purchase the Pulsetto device from the official Pulsetto website. This guarantees that you’re getting genuine products directly from the Pulsetto manufacturer.

Buying from the official Pulsetto website also lets you take advantage of any promotions, discounts, or bundle offers that third-party sellers may not have available.

How Long Does Pulsetto Take To Show Results?

When you start using Pulsetto, the effects can vary based on your health and the extent of your symptoms. These effects typically start showing within 1 to 30 days.

Some people might experience immediate benefits like less pain, better sleep, or reduced anxiety within the first few days, especially if they’re older or have severe symptoms.

Others may notice more significant improvements in stress levels, mood, or overall well-being after 1 to 2 weeks.

For many users, the optimal results, such as long-term pain relief, reduced anxiety, and better mental health, may appear after using Pulsetto consistently for about 3 to 4 weeks.

Pros and Cons of Pulsetto


  • Pulsetto is simple to use
  • Pulsetto is FCC-Certified which shows it meets strict regulatory standards for safety and performance.
  • Pulsetto has responsive customer support


  • Pulsetto needs to be refilled regularly, which makes it more expensive to maintain.
  • Some users might feel uncomfortable when moving, which can affect how comfortable and practical the device is for daily activities.

Features Of Pulsetto

  • Shipping and Support: Pulsetto makers provide free worldwide shipping that may ensure accessibility without additional costs. Their customer support may also provide prompt assistance and guidance as needed.
  • Certification: The official website mentions that Pulsetto has an FCC certification that may guarantee compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring reliability and safety.
  • Stimulation Programs and Levels: Oulsetto has 5 stimulation programs that may suit various needs, such as relaxation and stress reduction. Its 8 stimulation levels may allow its users to adjust the intensity for personalized comfort and effectiveness.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: The Pulsetto makers provide a 30-day money-back guarantee that may give a risk-free trial period, reflecting confidence in Pulsetto's performance and customer satisfaction.

How Did We Evaluate Pulsetto?

  1. Safety

    Before adding the Pulsetto wearable device to your health routine, it's important to consider its safety. The device uses non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation, which means it sends gentle electrical signals to your body.

    These signals might cause mild side effects, such as fainting, headache, heart palpitations, itching, nausea, tingling, or hoarseness.

    To stay safe, it's best to talk with a healthcare provider before using Pulsetto, especially if you have any health issues.

    Pulsetto has been tested and found safe for most people, but it's wise to be cautious if you belong to specific groups.

    We looked at what users said about Pulsetto on websites like Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau. Right now, Trustpilot gives Pulsetto a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars, and 53% of reviews gave it the highest rating of 5 stars.

    Serious side effects are rare, but everyone reacts differently. Following Pulsetto's instructions carefully—including how to place the electrodes and how often to use them—can help you use Pulsetto safely and effectively.

  2. Effectiveness

    Pulsetto's efficacy could be understood by learning about its user experiences and how well it worked for them.

    Users often feel less anxious when they regularly use Pulsetto. It has helped some users manage pain.

    It sends gentle electrical pulses to the vagus nerve, which may alleviate certain types of pain, although outcomes differ.

    Many users report better sleep with Pulsetto. By targeting the vagus nerve, the device may enhance sleep patterns and overall restfulness.

    While Pulsetto has shown effectiveness in reducing anxiety, relieving pain, and improving sleep for many users, personal experiences may vary.

  3. Cost

    According to the official website, Pulsetto is priced competitively among similar devices, making it an affordable choice for those interested in non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation therapy.

    Pulsetto also includes free shipping worldwide and a 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes it cost-effective and allows users to try it without risk.

    While the initial price of Pulsetto is reasonable, ongoing costs like buying electrode gel should be considered. Despite this, Pulsetto might be a cost-effective option for wearable vagus nerve stimulation devices.

    Pulsetto also comes with a 2-year warranty, ensuring users are protected from potential defects or malfunctions. This warranty might add extra value to the product, making Pulsetto a suitable investment for anyone looking to explore vagus nerve stimulation therapy.

  4. Convenience

    Pulsetto claims to make managing wellness easier and more convenient. Its compact size lets you use it anywhere, whether you are at work or while traveling, or at home.

    Using its mobile app, Pulsetto provides 5 different stimulation programs and 9 frequency levels. This lets you personalize your experience to fit your specific needs and preferences, ensuring effective stimulation sessions that meet your requirements.

    The app's simple interface could make it easy to control and monitor Pulsetto. You can adjust settings and track your progress with no hassle. This user-friendly design makes it accessible to include vagus nerve stimulation in your routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Pulsetto Be Worn During Physical Activities?
    Pulsetto's usability during physical activities depends on how comfortable and stable it stays while you move. There are risks to consider, like it slipping or causing discomfort near your carotid artery. It's best to talk to a healthcare provider to make sure you use it safely.
  2. Is Pulsetto Waterproof for Use in the Shower?
    Please do not use the Pulsetto device in water or the shower because it's not waterproof. To prevent damage and ensure safe use, it's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines carefully.
  3. Can I Use Pulsetto While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?
    It's best not to use Pulsetto during pregnancy or breastfeeding as the vagus nerve stimulation could have adverse effects on the body during these sensitive periods.
  4. How Often Should the Electrode Gel Be Replaced for Pulsetto?
    The gel used on the electrodes of Pulsetto should be replaced as per the manufacturer's instructions, typically every 2-4 weeks. Doing this regularly ensures the electrodes stay in good contact with the skin, which is important for making sure the device works well and provides effective stimulation.


Pulsetto may help relieve stress and anxiety through non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation. It offers different programs, frequencies, and soothing sounds to improve mental well-being and relaxation.

It may also help alleviate chronic pain conditions by modulating pain signals that are sent to the brain. Pulsetto could be a convenient and personalized approach to supporting mental wellness.

In addition to using Pulsetto, natural methods such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, cold exposure, singing or chanting, and regular exercise could also stimulate the vagus nerve.

These methods have the potential to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being by activating the vagus nerve.

  • This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or a replacement for medical advice.
  • It is not recommended to disregard/delay seeking professional medical advice or treatment because of what you read or accessed through this article.
  • The results may vary from individual to individual.
  • It is recommended to consult your doctor for any underlying medical conditions or if you are on any prescribed medicines before trying any tips.

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