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Stakeholder feedback for the SFTA Code of Conduct

Deadline for comments – April 15, 2013 (Now closed for comments)

Overview and Background:
Organic standards outline specific criteria for the growing and processing of organic agricultural products related to environmental safety.  But a gap exists in being able to guarantee certain labor standards in the supply chain.

In a desire to provide efficiency and harmonization for the organic food industry, the supply chain working group of the Sustainable Food Trade Association have developed an industry code of conduct that any business, within the industry, could adopt and use giving guidance to their supply chain on their expectations.

The Sustainable Food Trade Association will put the Code of Conduct out for a 3 – month stakeholder review process starting January 15, 2013.  During this time the entire organic food industry is encouraged to share the Code with their supply chains and provide feedback.

The code of conduct is based on the ILO’s conventions and mirrors the core elements of many codes of conduct for other industries. SFTA members as well as external stakeholders developed the code with the lens of the organic food trade.

Watch and learn more about this history of the Code and its relevance for the organic Food Trade here

About the Code of Conduct (Click here to download the draft CoC)
The following is the first draft of a hired labor Code of Conduct for the organic food industry. The intention of this document is to establish a baseline minimum of business practices in the organic supply chain that a company can be measured against and held accountable to.

With the goal of encouraging businesses to reach beyond the baseline minimum, we have included a  “Beyond Compliance” appendix to capture additional best practices.

The document is broken into 3 parts 1) the actual Code language for each element 2) an “in practice” section to provide guidance on the intent of each code element, and 3) a “resources” section that outlines the sources that informed each element.

Guidelines for Feedback
Currently the open feedback session is now closed.  SFTA staff and the Supply Chain Working Group are reviewing comments for the next round of feedback.

If you have any questions please contact Nicole Bassett at the Sustainable Food Trade Association –