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SFTA Sustainability Metrics Reporting Template
Terms of Use

Purpose of the Metrics
The Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA) and the organizations’ members have collaboratively developed a set of sustainability metrics designed for the organic food and agriculture industry.

In creating a standardized set of metrics, SFTA sought to identify specific areas of focus for the organic food industry and collectively identified 11 areas. Through a consensus process that engaged the organic food industry over a period of 3 years, an aspirational statement was drafted for each of these areas which has been termed the “Declaration of Sustainability”. These 11 areas then represent the backbone to the reporting structure: 1.Organic and Land Use Practices, 2.Distribution and Sourcing, 3.Energy Use, 4.Climate Change and Air Emissions, 5.Water Use and Quality, 6.Solid Waste Reduction, 7.Packaging and Marketing Materials, 8.Labor, 9.Animal Care, 10.Sustainability Education, 11.Governance and Community Engagement.

SFTA’s metrics provide the needed structure for organic food companies to begin assessing their sustainability performance. A company can adopt the metrics and start focusing their efforts right away knowing that they are measuring and reporting the same key sustainability performance metrics as industry peers. Ultimately this means that greater collaboration can be achieved through peer to peer comparisons, sharing of best practices, and aggregation of data for the wider organic industry.

The SFTA metrics are an open source set of metrics designed for the organic food industry. The goal of the public release of the metrics is to bring optimization and harmonization of metrics in analyzing and reporting sustainability impacts in the industry.

Referencing the Metrics
Should your organization adopt the SFTA sustainability metrics for your reporting, we request that you attribute the source of the metric to: The Sustainable Food Trade Association.

Revisions and Modifications
The goal of the public release of the Sustainable Food Trade Association metrics is to broaden the stakeholder feedback of the metrics and to further their development, refinement and relevance in the industry. Should you modify the metrics please share your revisions with SFTA in order for the changes to be captured and added to our upcoming metrics revision review process.

Terms of Use
By downloading these metrics you are agreeing to add your contact information into our database and may be used for the following: Metrics review process communication, and other specific communication related to the updating and revision of the metrics.

Should wish to opt out of this process please email
In addition should you wish to provide comments or feedback to the metrics outside of the defined review time, please feel free to contact Katherine DiMatteo, Executive Director.