Sustainable Food Trade Association
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Full Member commitments/requirements

    • Be a food business
    • Sign the Declaration of Sustainability, CEO or SVP level
    • Completion of annual sustainability report
    • Staff contact for participation in Sustainable Food Trade Association sustainability reporting activities
    • Produce or sell at least one organic line, commitment to expanding over time
    • Commitment and progress in eliminating GMOs in all products, materials and processes 

Full Member Benefits:

Education & Consultation

      • Orientation with Sustainable Food Trade Association staff
      • Initial benchmarking to inform your strategy and sustainability program
      • Initial briefing: One-hour webinar on a sustainable business topic of your choice
      • Initial coaching: Help with strategy, organization, data/reporting, improvement tactics
      • Access to Sustainable Food Trade Association members’ annual sustainability reports
      • Staff review and peer-to-peer feedback on annual sustainability report
      • Free registration for all Sustainable Food Trade Association webinars
      • Discounts for Workshops and Intensives hosted by SFTA
      • Staff consult: Staff support offering resources and guidance to help you plan and implement sustainability programs.

Industry developed tools and resources

      • Access to Members-only Member Center and Interactive Forum
      • Full metrics and indicators set: Members use shared, industry-specific metrics, facilitating learning, benchmarking and progress
      • Reporting templates and data tracking template
      • Member Toolkits 1-6: Sustainability Programming, Measurement & Reporting, Resources, PR and Marketing, Developing Policies, Writing Sustainability Goals. These guide you through each step of sustainability programming, from strategy, policies, goals, reporting to continuous improvement and communications.
      • Resource Guides (analysis, guidance, resources) to drive progress in Declaration areas

Networking & Collaboration

      • Innovative industry focused collaborative member work groups
      • Facilitated virtual networking (webinar platform)
      • Attend Sustainable Food Trade Association members-only meetings
      • Vote for and opportunity to serve on the Sustainable Food Trade Association Board of Directors


      • Inclusion in annual Sustainable Food Trade Association member report
      • Inclusion in press releases for relevant Sustainable Food Trade Association activities and member accomplishments
      • Media referrals for sustainability activities
      • Use of Sustainable Food Trade Association member logo
      • Opportunity to be an Sustainable Food Trade Association sponsor

Full Member Fees

Dues are based on Gross Annual Revenue $US.

<$500,000 $300
$500,001-$10 Million $500
$10-20 Million $1000
$20-50 Million $1,250
$50-100 Million $1,850
$100-200 Million $2,500
$200-400 Million $3,000
Above $400 Million $3,750


Steps to Becoming a Full Member