Sustainable Food Trade Association
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Who is the Sustainable Food Trade Association

The Sustainable Food Trade Association is a non-profit trade association that represents North American, mission-aligned, organic food companies. We support our members in implementing innovative sustainable business practices across the supply chain, from farm to retail.


Supporting Our Members

Sustainable Food Trade Association supports members specifically in the following ways:

  • Setting a sustainability strategy
  • Benchmarking current performance
  • Collaboratively developing industry specific metrics
  • Reporting tools and templates specific for the organic food trade
  • Providing a hub for members to share results and best practices
  • Co-develop leading industry tools and resources
  • Industry education via webinars, workshops, articles, presentations



Benefits of Membership

Sustainable Food Trade Association Membership provides companies with support and resources to integrate sustainability knowledge and practices in their operations.  These efforts help members differentiate their business and communicate practices with impact and integrity.


Download the Sustainability Metrics